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FFXIV Patch 2.38 Notes

John Ryan Date: 2014-09-17 Views: 1137 ffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivsafe ffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil


From the implementation of individual estates and land along with added residential districts to the continuation of the Zodiac Weapon quest line, an item level boost for Extreme Ramuh rewards, and much more, patch 2.38 is sure to offer something for all adventurers. A host of user interface refinements also promise to make exploring Eorzea more intuitive than ever.

Playable Content



  • New side story quests have been added.


- Saga of the Zodiac Weapons




Once your relic weapon novus has been soulglazed by Jalzahn, complete certain activities with the weapon equipped to increase its soul attunement level. By presenting a fully attuned weapon to Jalzahn, you will be rewarded with a relic weapon nexus of item level 115 that retains all the upgrades made to the original relic weapon novus.


A weapon's soul attunement level will rise by a set amount determined by the activity being performed. This amount, however, may increase each time a certain period of time passes. Thus sharing information with other players will be invaluable in planning the most efficient method of attunement.

Attunement progress can be verified through the use of the Zodiac glass.


One you have completed the quest "Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics,"you will be able to alter the materia-enhanced properties of your relic weapon novus or relic weapon nexus. Prepare a new sphere scroll of the correct type to receive the power of your chosen relic weapon, then use materia and alexandrite to redo the infusion process.


* The materia-enhanced properties of a relic weapon nexus will be transferred to a sphere scroll after being adjusted to item level 110 values.


- Delivery Moogle





  • Players now have a chance to obtain alexandrite by completing FATEs while equipped with a relic weapon novus or a relic weapon nexus.


       Grand and Free Companies


  • The authority level for newly created free company hierarchy ranks will now default to "member" rank.


    "Member"refers to the rank of the same name that appears in the hierarchy options for newly formed free companies.


In the event that the deletion of characters results in a free company losing all its members, that company will now be automatically disbanded and its estate deeds rendered void.


In the event that the deletion of characters results in a linkshell losing all its members, that linkshell will be automatically deleted and its name once more made available for newly created linkshells.




  • A seventh and eighth ward will be added to each of the adventurer residential districts.

     * A large amount of additional land is also scheduled for implementation in patch 2.4.


The pricing for plots will vary depending on World population and economy. Prices are also affected by location, and there may be differences between plots of the same size.


The following is a list of starting prices for each World. Plot prices will devaluate once every 6 hours (Earth time), with the original price falling to half after a period of 30 days.




Aegis / Bahamut / Balmung / Behemoth / Cactuar / Carbuncle / Chocobo / Diabolos / Durandal / Excalibur / Fenrir / Garuda / Gilgamesh / Gungnir / Hyperion / Ifrit / Leviathan / Mandragora / Masamune / Midgardsormr / Odin / Ragnarok / Ramuh / Ridill / Sargatanas / Shiva / Siren / Tiamat / Titan / Tonberry / Ultros




Adamantoise / Alexander / Anima / Atomos / Cerberus / Coeurl / Exodus / Faerie / Goblin / Hades / Ixion / Kujata / Lamia / Malboro / Moogle / Pandaemonium / Phoenix / Typhon / Ultima / Valefor




Asura / Belias / Brynhildr / Famfrit / Jenova / Lich / Mateus / Shinryu / Unicorn / Yojimbo / Zalera / Zeromus / Zodiark


* Plots will sell for the same price to both free company and individual buyers.

* Pricing for highly populated Worlds has been set higher due to the greater amount of gil in circulation.

* The grouping listed above is subject to change based on variance in population and economy.

* Pricing for new plots in the 1st through 6th wards will match the prices set in patch 2.38, and will gradually fall based on the devaluation process outlined above.


Each residential district is divided into a number of identical wards. Even if the plot of land you desire has already been purchased in a certain ward, it may still be available in another.

  • Plots in the residential districts will now be available for purchase by individual buyers.

Leaders and members of free companies that already own estates can also choose to purchase plots as individuals.


- Purchasing Land

In order to purchase land, a character must first have attained level 50 in at least one class and also have earned the rank of second lieutenant in one of the Grand Companies. Each character meeting these requirements can purchase a single unowned plot via the placards found within the residential districts.

Plots of any size and within any ward may be purchased.


Interacting with a placard and selecting Purchase Land will bring up an option to buy the plot as either an individual or free company purchase.






Once a plot of land has been purchased, the owner will gain access to housing features in the same manner as a free company estate. More details on these features can be found in the Housing section of the patch 2.1 notes.

* Private chambers cannot be added to individually purchased housing.

* Purchasing land or housing using gil obtained from RMT (real money trading) or other illicit means is strictly prohibited. Any land or estate hall deemed to have been purchased through such means is subject to seizure.

  • Icons for individually purchased housing will appear on the residential district maps.


  • When entering a residential district from an open-world area or when interacting with the storm private, serpent private, flame private, or ferry skipper NPCs, owner names in the destination options will now be displayed as "(abbreviated company name)"for free company housing, and "character name" for individually owned housing.

  • In the case where both a free company estate and a company membe's personal estate feature miniature aetherytes, the teleport destination list will label the selections as either free company or individual housing.

  • Players can now ride mounts within residential districts.


  • The personal chocobo menu accessed from the chocobo stables has undergone some changes.

  • The "Fated to Wander"challenge in the challenge log will now count FATEs in which you earn a gold evaluation, regardless of whether or not the FATE was completed successfully.

  • In order to accommodate features scheduled for implementation in the upcoming 2.4 patch, the following locations have received graphical adjustments:

            Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks

            Eastern La Noscea

  • New structures will be added to Revenant's Toll in Mor Dhona (X:21, Y:5) (X:22, Y:5).


Battle System

  • It is now possible to register for The Striking Tree (Extreme) via the duty finder without a preformed party.

         Note that registering for this duty as a party requires a composition of two tanks, two healers, and four DPS.

  • The item level of the following rewards obtainable from The Striking Tree (Extreme) has been raised from 100 to 110.

        Judgment Ring of Fending / Judgment Ring of Slaying / Judgment Ring of Aiming / Judgment Ring of Casting / Judgment Ring of Healing

        Furthermore, any of the above items already in the player's possession will be automatically raised to item level 110.

  • PvP actions will be equipped automatically when changing your class or job.

     With this change, the Grand Company selection button and the checkbox for equipping Actions have been removed from the PvP tab of the Actions & Traits interface. 

      * AP for PvP action and traits must still be redistributed to the job or class with which you wish to use them.


       To improve PvP game balance, the ability Cleric Stance will no longer be usable in PvP areas.


      * Additional balance adjustments are planned for PvP after observing the impact of the rogue and ninja additions in patch 2.4.

  • The following graphical adjustments have been made to the Frontline campaign Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins.

     A segment of the wall jutting out from the Serpent Landing into the battlefield has been flattened.


     Certain obstacles between the Serpent Landing and the Allagan Manors have been removed.

  • Adjustments have been made to the following items obtainable from treasure coffers in the Second Coil of Bahamut and Syrcus Tower.

      Unidentified Allagan Tomestones / Oil of Time

The treasure coffers that appear upon completing Turn 1 of the Second Coil of Bahamut and defeating Amon and Xande in Syrcus Tower will now always yield the above items.

       Sands of Time

The treasure coffers that appear upon completing Turn 2 of the Second Coil of Bahamut will now always yield one pinch of sands of time. The coffers that appear after defeating Xande in Syrcus Tower will now always yield two pinches.






  • New items have been added.


  • New recipes have been added.


  • The following items are no longer considered unique, allowing players to carry more than one of them:

          Artisan's Spectacles / Forager's Hat


  • The following items may now be stored in your armoire:

          Lord's Yukata (Blackflame) / Lord's Yukata (Whiteflame) / Lord's Yukata (Blueflame) / Lady's Yukata (Redfly) / Lady's Yukata (Bluefly) / Lady's Yukata (Pinkfly)


  • Class restrictions have been adjusted for the following items:


  • The Crafting Log has been adjusted as follows:

        To account for the influx of new recipes, a page switching feature has been added to those categories that contain over one hundred recipes.

       * As of patch 2.38, this will only affect the Housing item category for carpenters.




      A recipe shortcut feature has been added to the Crafting Log.

      Players may now add recipes to the hotbar and directly open the respective page of the Crafting Log.
      * In gamepad/controller mode, a subcommand to register to the cross hotbar has been added.





  • New achievements have been added.


  • NPCs who have gained new functionality as of this update will be indicated with an overhead icon.

  • After being successfully matched for a duty, a unique system sound will be played to draw the player's attention to the confirmation screen.

* This sound may be toggled on and off using the "Play system sounds while waiting for Duty Finder"checkbox in System Configuration -> Sound Settings.

  • When opening your Armory Chest or inventory to equip your retainer with gear, the Confirm button on a gamepad or controller will now also change equipment.

  • The Recommendations feature has been adjusted as follows:

     FATEs with a recommended level lower than your current level will now be displayed in the Recommendations list.


       It is now possible to filter duties by category.

       For certain duties, recommendations based your equipment's average item level will be listed with highest priority.

  • Certain hairstyles previously only accessible via the aesthetician are now available when creating new characters and retainers.

     * These hairstyles will also be accessible when using Fantasia to change your character's appearance.
     * Certain hairstyles or face paint patterns connected to individual quests will remain exclusive.

  • The ability to save a character's appearance is now available as a subcommand from the character selection screen.


  • The following window interfaces have changed to reflect adjustments to PvP actions:

        PvP Profile

       The Grand Company listing under PvP Actions has been removed. 


        Actions and Traits


       The Grand Company tab display has been removed.


       The frame for selecting actions has been removed.




  • The Teleport interface has received the following adjustments:

    Players will now be able to filter by categories, including specific areas and favored destinations.


    The "Open Map"subcommand has been added, allowing players to display a map of the area surrounding the selected aetheryte.

  • When using Return from the main menu or cross hotbar, recast time will now be displayed.

          When using Return from the main menu or cross hotbar, recast time will now be displayed.

  • The weather forecast interface has been redesigned, and players may now filter the display by area.


  • On maps and minimaps, character icons will now be displayed with priority over other icon types.

  • The icons for Grand Company outposts in the Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins area have been redesigned for better visibility.

      For currently occupied outposts, a circle representing the color of the occupying grand company will now be displayed around the outpost icon. 


  • To prevent accidental triggering, the controls for the map link feature in gamepad/controller mode have been changed.

          Before: Set map link by pressing RB (R1)
          After: Set map link by pressing LB+RB (L1+R1)

  • Players will now have the option to display the name and size of fish caught by other players in the vicinity in their log window.

To display these messages, enable "Others'Fishing Messages" under Character Configuration -> Log Window Settings -> General -> Log Filter Settings.

  • A new message has been added to alert the player to new messages received for currently unselected chat channels.


In the log window, a special symbol will now appear at the beginning of lines in which an item or place name has been linked.



  • The positioning of certain on-screen messages has been adjusted.

  • A feature has been added for disabling the display of battle-related error messages that appear at the top of the screen.

       To turn off these messages, disable the "Display error messages when actions fail"option under Character Configuration -> Log Window Settings.

* Messages affected by the "Display recast timer error messages"setting are also affected by this new setting.

        The complete list of messages affected by this setting is as follows:

        Not yet ready.

        Target is not in range.

        Cannot use yet.

        Cannot use while casting.

        Not enough HP.

        Not enough MP.

        Not enough TP.

  • Certain error messages for detrimental status messages have been adjusted.

  • In anticipation of new features planned for patch 2.4, an extra slot has been added to the soul crystal section of the Armoury Chest.

  • Asking prices will now be displayed in retainers' lists of items up for sale.

  • The compare prices button in the upper right of the market window has been made easier to distinguish.

  • In anticipation of future updates, a new dye category has been added to the dyeing interface.

  • Shop windows involving exchanges for specific items now display the quantity of NQ and HQ items currently in your possession.


  • The Away from Keyboard status will no longer be automatically disabled upon moving the mouse cursor.

  • Two new UI scaling increments (90% and 110%) have been added.

      The complete list of UI scaling increments is as follows: 60%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 120%, and 140%.
      These new increments are also accessible via the /uiscale text command.

  • The "Remove All" subcommand has been added to additional actions in the Actions & Traits interface.

  • The following additions and adjustments have been made to the Moogle Delivery Service interface:

      A button for retrieving reward items-including bonus items and Veteran Rewards-has been added.

      * Reward items will automatically be retrieved upon login.

  • A warning message will now be displayed when your letter box is at full capacity to warn you that you will be unable to receive new letters.

  • Hovering the mouse cursor over the counter icons for GM letters, reward item letters, and standard letters with attachments will now display the maximum number of letters that can be saved.

  • The aforementioned counter icons will now display in red when a particular category has reached maximum capacity.

      * You will be unable to receive any new deliveries for any categories already at maximum capacity. It is recommended that you discard any unneeded letters.



  • The item subcommand "Item Comparison" has been added.

        This subcommand will compare the parameters of the item selected with your currently equipped gear.
        When the selected item is a ring, comparisons to the left and right hand may be toggled.


  • The item subcommand "Try On" has been added in the following places:

    Company chests

    Items equipped by examined characters

    The glamour interface

    Inventory windows

    The Armoury Chest

    The armoire


  • The "Search for Item" subcommand has received the following adjustments:

       This subcommand may now be used for crystals and shards.


       This subcommand may now be used in the following places:


         Inventory windows

        The Armoury Chest

        The gathering log

        Retainer inventories

        The Character window


  • The "Link" subcommand has been added in the following places:

      The gathering log

      The armoire


  • HUD parameter bars will now display current weapon status (sheathed/unsheathed), as well as the current targeting mode.

    * Targeting mode will be reflected upon enabling Filter Customization under Character Configuration -> Control Settings. 


  • The following new emotes have been added:

       Hug (/hug)



       Slap (/slap)


  • The Change Pose (/changepose) emote has been adjusted as follows:

        One additional unsheathed weapon idle pose has been added.
        Use the /changepose emote with your weapon drawn, and your character will assume a new pose while holding his/her weapon.
        There are separate male and female poses for each class.
        Poses will not change for five seconds after executing auto-attacks or actions such as weapon skills.
         * To enjoy these idle poses, auto-sheathing of weapons must be disabled under Character Configuration -> Control Settings -> Character.

  • You will now be able to move freely with no momentary freeze after dismounting.

  • When using the text commands "/hotbar copy" and "crosshotbar (/chotbar, /xhb) copy", the argument "current" may now be used to specify your character's current class or job.

           /hotbar copy current 1 gladiator 1
            * Copies the contents of slot 1 of your current hotbar to slot 1 of your gladiator hotbar.

  • New accessibility settings have been added to the System Configuration menu. (Windows version only)

       The FINAL FANTASY XIV team strives to provide an enjoyable, accessible gaming experience for all of our players.
      * Due to system limitations, this feature will only be available on the Windows version of the game. 

        About Visual Alerts

The option to enable a visual representation of sound waves has been implemented for the benefit of our hard-of-hearing players. With this feature enabled, players will see a visual representation of the various sounds emitted within in the game. We hope that this will prove useful, as well as convey the sense that the world of Eorzea is alive with sound.


Sounds are visualized as waveforms, with three categories of sounds (see below) each represented by a different color. These visualizations are connected to the game's volume settings, so the size of the visualizations may be adjusted by adjusting your volume settings.

         Blue: Background music

         Red: System alerts

         Green: Sound effects, ambient sounds, voices

       Please note that this feature does not yet support movie sequences such as the game's opening. We apologize for the inconvenience.




















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