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Why Many Players Prefer to Buy WoW Gold Rather Than Buy WoW Token

Shirley HuangDecember 05th, 2017 15698

Some players leave their messages on our facebook these days: “Mmm ur prize is too high is better buy wow token. Wow token is 20 euro=295000 gold.” “Hello, iv seen your site and iv checked the pricing…well I am kinda wandering why would anyone buy 150k gold for 19.34 euro when u can get 280-300k by buying the token from blizzard(20 euro)? Thank you.”

Good News-How Can WoW Gold be Used in Overwatch and Hearthstone Games

Leo JiangMarch 15th, 2017 9638

As of now, it has been declared by Blizzard that players’ stockpiled gold from World of Warcraft to pick up items and characters can be used in other Battle.net games, which including Overwatch, Hearthstone, or Heroes of the Storm.

Guide to Patch 6.2.3 Mounts in World of Warcraft

John RyanNovember 18th, 2015 9880

Patch 6.2.3 is now online, the timewalking dungeons is so hot. Besides this, there are other surprises there. There is a rare mount which is named Indinite Timereaver. This armored infinite drake is a rare drop from any Timewalking dungeon boss during any of the Timewalking events. The travel mode is divided into two parts: the ground (+60% or +100% speed) and flying (+150%, +280% or +310%

Guide to the Brewfest 2015 of World of Warcraft

John RyanSeptember 23rd, 2015 9524

As we all know, there are two races in World of Warcraft which are called Alliance and Horde. Now for celebrating the friendship between the two races, the Brewfest is the best explanation. Celebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, the Brewfest is a time to enjoy the harvest of pretzels, cheese, and booze!

World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Apexis Crystal Accelerating Gear Upgrade

John RyanJune 10th, 2015 9881

In your faction’s base in Tanaan Jungle of World of Warcraft there is a new apexis vendor. He sells wow tokens for each of your gear slots that you can turn into 650 item level items for your character. These cost 5000 apexis crystals per item, except for the weapon token which costs 10000 crystals.

Hot WoW Issues Interpreting -Hellfire Citadel Item Levels, Mystic Runesaber & High-Resolution Icons

John RyanMay 15th, 2015 9634

As more and more contents and changes of Patch 6.2 released, players of World of Warcraft feel excited while having some queries at the same time of some new stuffs. Here we would like to focus on the three hot issues of Hellfire Citadel Item Levels, Mystic Runesaber and High-Resolution Icons and give a basic and helpful interpreting in this assay, here we go.

How to Get WOW Gold in Patch 6.2 after Token Has Released

John RyanApril 21st, 2015 8697

Wow Patch 6.2 is added lots of new elements, which players look forward to for a long time. But maybe players are more concerned that how to make wow gold in WoW patch 6.2. A number of instances are needed with high quality. With sufficient quantity, many players play a lot of times and they can easily make tons of wow gold on it. For instance, Highmaul and Blackrock Foundary of Warlords of Draenor are

Can WoW Token Take Place of WoW Gold of Mmogah

John RyanApril 10th, 2015 9069

WoW Token was officially introduced and launched on 7th, April to World of Warcraft by Blizzard. This means that there is one more option for the wowers who like to buy their monthly subscription by wow gold, while in the meantime players can sell WoW Tokens for wow gold as well. For those players who go for wow gold, they need to purchase WoW Tokens in in-game store first, then exchange them to wow gold in Auction House with those players who need game time. So players who need wow gold can dir

WoW Token Is Coming on April 7 to World of Warcraft

John RyanApril 07th, 2015 8330

The idea of using in-game gold to paying a monthly subscription (WoW Token System) was officially put forward by Blizzard when the patch 6.1 hit the PTR in January. After that the concept of WoW Token was presented, and the Token system had been tested for nearly a month in the PTR already. Today Blizzard has announced the final release date and the starting price of the WoW Token to World of Worcraft on their website just a few hours ago. So WoW Token is really coming!

WoW Players Can Trade Purchased GameTime for In-Game Gold

John RyanMarch 30th, 2015 9515

Blizzard allows World of Warcraft players to trade purchased game time for in-game gold with the rollout of WoW patch 6.12. A new in-game item which is introduced "WoW token" can be traded for 30 days of play time in the subscription-based MMO. We know that players show great interest in the token. Part of players would like to buy the token with their gold which is gotten from playing the game frequently. However the others can only get the token by buy wow gold. But choosing a safe site to

Blizz Has Officially Announced New WoW Token's Price

John RyanMarch 26th, 2015 8525

According to the latest news posted on 23rd, March by WOWHEAD, Blizzard has officially announced the price of New WoW Token which will be used in the game of World of Warcraft. Although we do not get the exact launching date of WoW Token, there are still a lot of relative information provided.

World of Warcraft New Token System Would Restrain Wow Gold Selling Market?

John RyanMarch 17th, 2015 9499

As Patch 6.1 been successfully launched last month, the next mini expansion patch 6.1.2 has been put into practice nearly in the meanwhile. A dramatic breakthrough in test edition of the next mini patch is the Wow Token System which catches players and publicity’s eyes the most.Here is a brief guide of how this system works.The Token which is as currency can be bought from in-game store in World of Warcraft by real money.

Why Blizzard can't (and won't) sell gold

John RyanMarch 04th, 2010 7102

In any discussion concerning botting, farming, hacking, or gold-buying, someone inevitably makes the argument that Blizzard should cut out the middlemen and sell gold to players themselves. I wanted to use this article to explain why this would not necessarily be a good idea. We don't need to get into http://www.mmogah.com/category/the-lawbringer/">the legal situation, or examine why assigning a real-world price to in-game currency edges us closer to a world where in-game property can be taxed.

Blizzard allowing cash for items and gold in the future?

John RyanNovember 11th, 2009 31046

See this little guy? Isn’t he adorable? He’s Mini KT, the Littlest Lich – and he can be yours for the low low price of $10 USD. That’s right, I said $10 DOLLARS, not 10 gold, and he’s not the only pet you can get in-game for that amount of money.

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