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wow tank

How to Level Up Quickly in WoW

John RyanDecember 04th, 2015 9976

One of the quickest ways right now to level from 1-100, on any class, is to quest your way up. Heirloom gear, with the inherent bonus to experience gains, will make this even faster. Heirloom gear can be bought for a fair sum of wow gold now. If you choose to upgrade in this way

What Class Is Easiest to Learn to Tank in WOW As a New Player?

John RyanApril 30th, 2015 10016

Question: What class is the easiest to learn how to tank? For someone with absolutely 0 experience tanking is asking on realm in game. A player said:” I played Druid, Pally and Monk before having to start a new account after moving countries and I found my Pally easiest, (but always went for my Druid since that was my main and are technically the least spikey of all tanks

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