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swtor profit and plunder

SWTOR: The Celebration of May the 4th

Good News for every SWTOR players! Following some big changes in May, Bioware gives players a big surprise that they will celebrate May the 4th with a new Astromech Droid, a Speedrun through the Eternal Championship, Double XP, and more.

SWTOR: Some Big Changes in May

All SWTOR adventurers should be prepare yourselves well in advance, May will be a busy month. Are you ready for that? Up to now, it has been known about 3 main highlights – new chapter Profit and Plunder, new Weapon Tunings and Super Serious Starfighter Saturday on The Harbinger.

SWTOR: The New Weapon Tunings

The new Chapter Profit and Plunder will be released on May 5, before that A Weapon Tuning has been newly added to customize your weaponry, creating a brilliant visual flair on the weapon.

SWTOR New Chapter: Profit and Plunder Is Coming on May 5, 2016

It has just been more than a week since the chapter 12 was released, now Bioware announces that it will update the new chapter-Profit and Plunder on May 5, 2016. So fast update, are you guys ready for that? Let’s know about the specific contents of the new chapter, and experience the charm of it in advance.

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