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How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section Two

We have introduced some tips of how to make credits fast in last article: How to make credits fast section one. Here, let us continue introducing SWTOR strategy of how to make credits fast to Star Wars players.

How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section One

How to make SWTOR gold/credits is an important thing that SWTOR gamers concern about, since they are in need of SWTOR gold/credits to strengthen their gears or speed up their characters’ level, but where the SWTOR credits come from? How to farm SWTOR credits? These questions bother many players. Here MmoGah as one of the best SWTOR gold sellers would like to share SWTOR strategy with you!

A Guide to the Rakghoul Event Running between Nov10 and Nov17

Good news! The Rakghoul event just started at time of posting and will be running between Nov10 and Nov17. This is the first time that the event has run since Patch 4.0 and there are a lot of new things to do. In addition to, this is also the first time that you will be able to recruit Dr.Lokin as his final mission requires you to deploy 4 probes in the Rakghoul tunnels which are only accessible during the event.

Choosing a Responsible Website Can Avoid a Ban on SWTOR Gold

It has been more than 2 weeks since the KotFE was released, which makes SWTOR more popular among loyal and new SWTOR players. Many players say: “Knights of the Fallen Empire is the best and most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game that they’ve played.” Up to now, there have been more 30% subscribers added.

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