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A Few Tips on How to Farm SWTOR Credits/Gold

It has been nearly one month since the new expansion-KotFE was released. In the past few weeks, the SWTOR 4.0 has made SWTOR be so popular again that there are 30% subscribers added. With the popularity of KotFE, how to farm SWTOR Credits/Gold is the most important thing that all players are concerned about. Here, I sincerely to share three tips (summarized by some elite player) with all of you.

How and Where to Buy SWTOR Easy Credits/Gold?

“SWTOR Easy Credits” has been on the top five since the new expansion-KotFE was released. It can be seen that SWTOR Gold is on hot sale again with the popularity of KotFE. (Many players say: “Knights of the Fallen Empire is the best and most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game that they’ve played”) However, there is a question that bothers almost all players about how and where to buy SWTOR easy credits/gold.

How to Buy the Safest SWTOR Gold

How to buy the safest SWTOR Gold (SWTOR Gold Kaufen) is the most important thing that SWTOR subscribers care about. Especially, now KotFE is so popular among SWTOR players that so many SWTOR subscribers would like buy gold from third faction (the official announces that SWTOR subscribers have been up 33% since Fallen Empire was released).

The Companion Gear Changes and Influence Added in SWTOR 4.0

I have introduced SWTOR KotFE Early Access-Companion System Changes in my last essay. I believe that all SWTOR lovers are as excited as me, because the new expansion is really amazing and fantastic. Here, I will be further to share the companion system changes in detail.

SWTOR KotFE Early Access-Companion System Changes

Early Access is a special reward for those subscribers who are very excited about this new expansion that signals a return to the BioWare story-telling roots. That is so cool! Entry to Early Access is announced when the official announces the new digital expansion and is a reward for all subscribers who are actively subscribed from July to early October.

Cartel Market Changes and Combat Changes in Fallen Empire

1. Rarity Changes for Pack Items: The terms ‘Rare’, ‘Super Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ are moving forward with Knights of the Fallen Empire, these rarities will be changed to ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Gold’. Bronze quality items will now be associated with a Bronze Cartel Market emblem, Silver quality with a Silver emblem, and Gold quality with a Gold emblem.

The New 4.0 Class Changes in SWTOR

 New Active Ability: Mad Dash/Blade Blitz! The new active ability can make you dash forward 20 meters, deal weapon damage to enemies in your path and increase your defense chance by 100% while dashing. However, it cannot be used while immobilized or hindered, has a 45 second cooldown and can be attained at level 61.

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