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How to Make More Rewarding for Leagues in PoE

Leo JiangOctober 06th, 2017 6199

In Path of Exile, whatever players do, most of the gameplay is all about the feeling of reward, from the usual work to combat culmination of all previous efforts.

What PoE Items Can Be Ignored When Farming

Leo JiangOctober 05th, 2017 7180

The thing is that despite the former's departure from a lot of conventions in the genre, Path of Exile and other action role-playing games still stay faithful to the basic formula, that’s why they have a lot of commonalities.

In-Game Economy in Path of Exile

Leo JiangOctober 03rd, 2017 7759

Action RPGs can attract a wide variety of players in Path of Exile, from common players to dedicated and highly skilled players, to players who watch their gaming sessions online.

Breach Mechanics in Path of Exile

Leo JiangSeptember 29th, 2017 8789

Now that players of all skill levels have enough time to get better acquainted with Path of Exile’s Breach League, now we have enough perspective to talk about in an analytical context.

PoE: The Advantage of Unrelenting Juggernauts

Leo JiangSeptember 27th, 2017 9892

As per the Path of Exile, when Endurance Charge is at a maximum, Unrelenting is a Juggernaut Ascendancy passive skill that increases the damage inflicted Endurance Charge and decreases Elemental Damage.

Leveling Melee with Flameblast in Path of Exile

Leo JiangSeptember 26th, 2017 7525

For action role-playing game fans, playing Path of Exile can be a pleasant and stimulating experience, however, there are a few things that fans tend to be nervous about.

What PoE Items Are Worth Keeping to Sell

Leo JiangSeptember 22nd, 2017 17027

It is a fact that all Exiles need the best Path of Exile Items. You should have a keen eye for shopping PoE Items since it is the next most important skill that you develop and master. There’s nothing more disappointing other than to buy an poe item.

What PoE Items Are not Worth Picking Up

Leo JiangSeptember 14th, 2017 11960

When you play Path of Exile, loads of Path of Exile Items, you could pick up flasks and equipment. Due to the limited inventory space, it is vital to determine which ones are valuable and should be taken home from junk.

What Is the Most Common PoE Farmer’s Dilemma

Leo JiangSeptember 08th, 2017 8395

Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Rarity are the two stats in Path of Exile that aid players in terms of gathering loot. Players refer to this as Magic Find or MF technically, however, the function of Quantity and Rarity is in different ways. Here’s the difference:

What Is the Best Farming Method in Path of Exile

Leo JiangSeptember 07th, 2017 13360

Just as other action role-playing MMORPGS, in Path of Exile, farming plays an important part of the gameplay.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy PoE 3.0 Chaos Orb

Leo JiangAugust 30th, 2017 8714

The Fall of Oriath of Path of Exile has been pushed out nearly one month, and the new 3.0 patch notes has achieved great success beyond developers’ imagination.

Blender Duelist in Path of Exile

Leo JiangAugust 29th, 2017 9340

For most of Path of Exile players, they may not be very confident to play Duelists. While as good as other classes when it comes to the amount of fun to be had, as other character classes can, some have their doubts while other think that there are ways for this class to shine.

Eternal Orb and Its Drawbacks in Path of Exile

Leo JiangAugust 24th, 2017 9644

It is no doubt that Path of Exile is considered as one of the best action role-playing games right now, due to its innovative features and solid gameplay.

Basic Information about Race in Path of Exile

Leo JiangAugust 21st, 2017 7738

One of the special things makes Path of Exile more attractive than most other action role-playing games is the extra stuff that you can do but you can't do at anywhere else.

How to Choose a Suitable League in Path of Exile

Leo JiangAugust 17th, 2017 10616

Path of Exile is something that most people can't learn entirely at once, even for the most Hardcore of players. But for those who are either just starting out or have been playing for one week or two, the game seems very horrible and inaccessible from Path of Exile Items to character builds.

What Do You Think the Best Grinding Locations in PoE

Leo JiangAugust 16th, 2017 12938

In action role-playing games such as Path of Exile, the word "grinding" gets a bad wrap or video games. It usually takes lots of time and energy invested in getting a character from scratch to a functioning state wherein good Path of Exile Items can be worn and more enemies can be smashed.

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