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How Can You Make Cost Free and Realistic Marauder Build in PoE

Leo JiangDecember 26th, 2017 6397

What do you want in Path of Exile? Do you need an Exile that doesn’t have kiting, fancy skill combos or buy PoE Items with high value? Then this basic Marauder build should be suitable. There are some main points of this build below:

Guide to Melee Accuracy in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 25th, 2017 14837

In action role-playing games, the ability to hit enemies consistently is a central concept of combat in close distance, which it is usually taken for granted by most players.

How to Keep and Dump for Non-Quality PoE Gems

Leo JiangDecember 21st, 2017 10924

Unique PoE Currency items provide not only a different and dynamic way of building your Exile's financial power, but also a headache whether or not the Path of Exile Items you just picked up are valuable, or nothing but a waste of space in your inventory.

Do You Know the Traps in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 20th, 2017 6891

Path of Exile traps have been popular increasingly among MMORPG games over the years, and it is no stranger to this strategy for Path of Exile.

How Can You Permanent Boost Your Exiles

Leo JiangDecember 19th, 2017 6590

Spell casters are eagerly need attributes such as Casting Speed and extra Mana points in Path of Exile, however, melee builds always favor attributes such as Physical Damage boosts and Attack Speed.

Attacking and DPS in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 18th, 2017 8844

Some action role-playing games are built upon certain systems, they dictate the rules and how to kill something else.

How Many Acronyms and Jargons Do You Know in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 14th, 2017 5640

Same as other online multiplayer MMORPG, Path of Exile has built up the closed relationship with hardcore players, which means that it has collected a whole dictionary's worth of acronyms and jargon that you should learn if you want to know this game deeply and its intricacies.

Do You Know the League Event Rules in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 13th, 2017 6957

Path of Exile is divided into different leagues for those who don’t know, each has own characteristics and standards that fit any kind of player.

What Are the Top Five Builds in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 12th, 2017 11330

Some Players think that Path of Exile is more than just another action role-playing game, it is something like an endurance and intellect game.

What Is the Least Item Dependent Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 11th, 2017 7396

A lot of things about Path of Exile makes such a great game, but it seems to not easy to get into. Due to the various systems looks horrible in the game at first, particularly due to the vastness passive skill tree looks more like a skill forest.

Critical Rain of Arrows Shadow Build in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 07th, 2017 8888

When players start playing Path of Exile, some of them who have played action role-playing games want to make a character build that will get them start with the game in the best way without any premium Path of Exile Items and equipment to start with.

What Basic Skills You Need To Know in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 06th, 2017 6135

Usually, the action role-playing game is a category that most players can get into very easy, but they have similarity with each other.

Do You Know Additional Tips and Tricks in Path of Exile

Leo JiangDecember 05th, 2017 6930

New players feel that Path of Exile is too complicated to play at the beginning, which is nothing that most players want to contend with when they plan to level up and get better gear.

What Is the Priority for the Path of Exile Loot

Leo JiangDecember 04th, 2017 7664

This is a game that focuses on the Path of Exile Items and can increase your experience, so it is reasonable that you pick up the loot that gets dropped from the monsters you kill.

How to Get Unique Items in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 30th, 2017 33982

Path of Exile provides lots of features to improve the gameplay for players. One of these features is the unique Path of Exile Items in the game.

The Fall of Oriath New Gems in Path of Exile

Leo JiangNovember 29th, 2017 7143

In order to keep the game fresh, exciting, and balanced, it’s not strange for MMOs to provide new skills in the new expansion.

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