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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 New Boss Battle Pets Added

John RyanMay 22nd, 2015 7454

We have talked about patch 6.2PTR new boss battle pets. We mentioned some pets as follows: 1. Celestial Dragon: Breanni in Dalaran, one of the world’s greatest collectors of exotic pets, players can only get changes to own it by fellowing collectors whose obsession rivals her own.

Darkmoon Faire: New Races and Content are Added on 6.2 PTR in World of Warcraft

John RyanMay 06th, 2015 8650

The Darkmoon Faire is back in town for a week, running from May 3 - 10. There are two new items and races available in wow patch 6.2PTR. The first one is Big Wanderluser, the other is Wanderluster. Big Wanderluster: using a Wanderluster, rewards a Darkmoon Gazer. This item is quite similar to Eye of Kilrogg and lets you scout out dangerous areas.

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