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SWTOR: Introduction to 5.0 Gunnery Commando

Helen KellerMay 12th, 2017 8462

Gunnery is the 2nd Discipline of 3 available for the Republic Commando. It focuses on dealing direct damage without relying on DoTs much. Most of the hard hitting abilities are channeled, which fits perfectly into the role of the class – stay away from danger, pick a clean and safe spot and don’t move like crazy all the time (which is typical for MDPS, by default). Here is a detailed introduction to 5.0 Gunnery Commando written by Damian, and Mmogah will list them in the following parts.

Why Do So Many Players Prefer to Buy SWTOR Gold from MmoGah

Helen KellerApril 14th, 2017 6474

When searching “SWTOR Gold” in google, you will find thousands of small-scale and large-scale websites which are selling it. In such a competitive mmo gold selling market, so many players should choose to buy swtor gold from MmoGah, why? Now, let’s list the detailed reasons for you guys.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy SWTOR Gold?

Helen KellerDecember 08th, 2016 9958

As for the importance of “SWTOR Gold” in Star Wars: The Old Republic, no one does not know about this. Different from other mmorpgs, it’s difficult for gamers to grind gold in the swtor, therefore players have to choose to buy swtor credits so that they can strengthen their weapons and companions. Most players will choose to buy gold from gold selling website, but there are too many webs when searching “swtor gold”, “swtor credits”, “buy swtor gold”… where is the best place for players to buy sw

Where Is the Best Place to Buy SWTOR Credits

John RyanJuly 04th, 2016 9131

As you know, SWTOR Credits play an important role in Star Wars: The Old Republic, however it is not easy for folks to obtain them, because farming swtor gold not only need rich experience, but also much time. As a result, more and more folks have to choose to buy SWTOR Gold from a reliable and professional website, which can provide trustful gold service for them during transaction.

How to Buy Cheap SWTOR Credits/Gold Online Easily

John RyanJanuary 06th, 2016 8929

Many SWTOR players comment that Knights of the Fallen Empire is the most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game which they’ve played. KotFE is so popular among SWTOR players that many players would like to buy SWTOR gold (SWTOR gold kaufen) from gaming websites.

Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

John RyanDecember 25th, 2015 11025

As we know that the Galactic map is large and complicated. On the map, the green zone is for your allies’, the place colored red is for your enemies’, and the yellow part is for the neutrals’ that consist primarily of Black Star pirates. Please read the key steps carefully and we believe that this strategy guide will help a lot to your gaming skills and make your survival the black depths of space.

Guide for SWTOR – Revamped and Ready to Battle

John RyanDecember 16th, 2015 9609

Three years old and still going strong, Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) has pulled at my strings again and undoubtedly those of numerous old players who took their characters to the end of beyond and then settled back into the real world. Released in December 2011, SWTOR is reputed to have set back Bioware by $100 to $200 million in development, though they have earned it back and then some! Let MmoGah shares SWTOR revamped guides to you!

Useful Strategy Tips of Star Wars Battlefront Beta

John RyanDecember 02nd, 2015 8186

The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is going to be available soon for all of the Star Wars fans. Dream of crossing the galaxy will come true and will be enjoyed by Rebels and Imperials alike. To help the Star Wars fans preparing for it, here we provide some useful tips below.

The Two Main Changes That Players Should Grasp about Knights of the Fallen Empire Section One

John RyanSeptember 16th, 2015 8832

Mmogah has introduced Knights of the Fallen Empire before, players basically know about the main idea about the new update. Here, we want to share the first main change in Fallen Empire with all SWTOR lovers.

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