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Where Is the Best Place to Farm Elite Sealing Stones in Riders of Icarus

John Ryan August 03rd, 2016 Riders of Icarus    Riders of Icarus Gold   

Elite Seal Stones in Riders of Icarus are items that allow you to seal tamed familiars in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or used to give talent points. There are currently 3 types of Seal Stones varied by grade common, elite, and heroic. However where to get them and how to get them ASAP, the following will give your answers.


It is suggested to be geared up when dealing with these high level, strong, and durable monsters, as they can be a real pain to recon with. If you prefer to chuck out on heavy Elite monsters that hit hard, but give decent drops as well as Rider of Icarus gold to boot than head for the Reef. Have your Frosted gears, or if you're squishy like a priest or a wizard have yourself a tank to work with. 

Elite Seal Stones in ROI


-Good Armor


-Farm the Sea King!

- Train it on a mount! If you can, horde the mods.

Drops can be distributed evenly if the party leader agrees, and soloing the reef takes a much longer time than it does up on Utran. The problem with Rainbow Reef is that it can be risky to work with others that are not either your friends, guild mates, or likewise!


Nearby the Fort in the Sea of Hakanas you can try flying fortress that sits way up high. Find a channel that isn't crowded and mount up on a good ground mount. You can use Leorid if you have him, but if not that's perfectly alright! Anything ground works best. Have a decent spear and a decent crossbow and you should be able to spin through and knock down mobs in large hordes. This is a quick and easy way to poke and prod at having Elite Sealing Stones.


They don't drop as often since they are exceptionally rare at this level we are at. Without 35-40 content we cannot reach the dungeons and areas that provide them in a strong abundance, but with good patience and time you can quickly start to rack up on stones from this good farming spot.

Elite Seal Stones in ROI


-Have HP pots.

-Use the skill Explosive on a targeted mob from the large group you pull in from Skanners and Pirates. This should knock their health down far enough to make things livable.

-Use Whirlwind Spear. After Explosive pop this and stand in place where everything knocks out. This is your friend and your money maker.

-Be careful of others around you! There will be times where someone is going to try and take your 'spot'. It can be frustrating, and it can be annoying, so try to hold your own and realize that there will be some bots. Don't take others stuff. Some people have been there for hours and have had no luck, so it is best to leave them be.


This is a really good way to rack up on more than stones, too. Lots of Justice Feathers, Familiar Orbs, Noble Spirits, and Mystery Fragments will drop from many mobs here. Money is slow, but if you farm for a few hours you should be racking in a hefty handful of Icarus Gold. Not as much as dungeons, but good enough for all your needs in current farming.

Elite Seal Stones in ROI


Quick and easy, but act fast! Hop on your mount and start rounding up one of the two sides on floor one. Skanner's are a little bit tougher than the pirates tend to be, and they can also have a small bite when in large amounts. Once you are facing the horde target one of the many that are chasing your sorry butt, and shoot out the skill that should be on your crossbow known as explosive. If you'd like pick up the pirates from whichever cluster you'd like that is in the range of the birds, and then pull back so that you are FACING THE MONSTERS.


This is for strong livability that will last you for hours. All Scanner’s/Pirates down? Use the one skill that causes strong AoE as a spear known as WHIRLWIND SPEAR. This skill is your savior and gold grabber. With it deals strong DoT, and effects all in its range as a fantastic AoE! All in one fanning package of purple spinning spears. This will chunk a large fraction of the monsters health bars, and it will give you about a two second time to either use a potion to heal up, or to use your next skill that will wipe out the rest of the small bit of health they own.



-Decent Armor (Doesn't need to be grand!)

-Patience is a virtue.

-Be positive. You WILL get these stones at some point in the hours you put into this. In the end it’s worth the time.

-Be mindful of those around you. Many people are farming and trying to get stones for themselves just as you are. 

-Try to make the best out of it! It's time consuming and mind numbing, so try out your own techniques and tweak to your heart’s content.

Elite Seal Stones in ROI

Speaking of Utran

Utran is the preferred method of farming. To find Utran you must have a mount that can fly high enough to the flying fortress located in the Sea of Hakanas. It isn't hard to find, and the monsters aren't as vicious as they are down in Rainbow Reef. Farming this area is tedious, patience testing, but extremely worth it in the long run. Items besides the Elite Sealing Stones also drop from a wide range of cheap armor that can be sold for high money at general merchants, potions of all degrees, many types of materials (i.e. Noble Spirits), and what everyone and their dog is trying to snag a tooth at: The Elite Sealing Stones.


Getting a ground mount must have a strong stamina. Black Wind is a good option for this, or if you own Leorid that is equally as good when it comes to bonuses. That said, just about any ground mount will do in this case. After you have your mount make sure you have both your spear and crossbow-They are extremely important.


The above are all I know on Elite Seal Stones. Please know that this is a TIME CONSUMING type of farming, as the drop rate is very low. Farming is not meant to be a fun experience, nor is it in any way, shape, or form a waste of time. You are gaining strong and heavy plows of resources for crafting as well as those Elite Stones that you and the rest of the player base want so badly. These stones are going for bad prices in the NA server of Baellus, and as a player from that server maybe cannot vouch for the others in EU or in NA, but I know players who don't have the kind of gold to spend over 15G on a single stone. Heavy in price, and not worth it in the long run.

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