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Different Classes Match Different Mounts in Riders of Icarus

John Ryan August 08th, 2016 Riders of Icarus    Riders of Icarus Gold   

In Riders of Icarus, mounts have become a mainstay mode of transport in MMORPGs. Without them, traveling to short distances and/or getting to places that can’t be reached by teleportation spells or devices can be difficult. Tame as more familiars as you can is an interesting task. Any mount that adds damage to physical or magic depending on class. You need to be X altitude to be able to tame him. I will show a list including best pets for different classes as below.

different classes match different mounts in roi

Assassin – assassin is also the DPS class, like the Berserker, so it makes sense that a Caldera Firebeak and Leorid are good suggestions for it. A good alternative for the Leorid would be a Pritsha the Cannibal, thanks to its Piercing Howl buff, which increases Critical Rate by 5% for 20 seconds. By the way, not all the mounts need Riders of Icarus Gold, but actually to say the mounts that you spend ROI Gold is the best.

Best Pet: Warden Rex, Albino Ashtail, Calderra FIrebeak, Ruby Bloodwyrm, Leorid


Berserker –berserkers are all about attacking, so a Caldera Firebeak for the skies and Leorid for land are good choices. The former has the Bird of Prey passive, which increases attack by 5. The latter, on the other hand, has the active buff Raging Roar, which increases Attack Speed by 30% for 10 seconds; Shred Armor and Furious Strikes, offensive active skills that can skills; and for a bit of defensive measures, Brilliant Aura, which increases HP by 5%.

Best Pet: Black Stormwing, Redfeather Hatchling, Ruby Bloodwyrm

different classes match different mounts in roi

Priest – because the Priest relies on his or her magical attack to determine how much your heal is, the Blue Bloodwyrm is an ideal pick for a flying mount, as its passive, Feral Magic, increases magic attack by 5%. As for his or her land mount, deer such as such as Logash and Rogaton the White are a big help, thanks to their buff Healing Horns, which restores 2% of HP every 3 seconds for 10 seconds, and their passive Survival Instinct, which increases magic defense by 6%. Baranosaurus is also a good alternative, thanks to its active buff Spirit Shout, which increases mana by 20% for 30 seconds. More mana, more spells, and more priest spells, the more buffs and less danger there is for the party.

Best Pet: Taslan the Devourer, Frost Spider, Blue Bloodwyrm

different classes match different mounts in roi

Guardian – because the class is oriented on defense, it’s important to choose mounts that particular attribute by a few notches. Scalleda should be a good for a flying mount choice, as it has passive skill Dignified Guard, which increases defense by 5%. As for the land mount, Bakkhus is a good choice, as it has Threatening Roar, an active debuff skill that increases Aggro by 100% for 10 seconds and inflicts Fear for 2, making it completely synergistic with the Guardian’s role as tank; the Passive Thick Hide, which increases defense by 5%; and Heavy Strike, a 1.5 sec active skill that can stun.

Best Pet: Leorid, Chakai, Trutan, Natan the Tyrant


Wizard – the wizard’s focus is offensive magic, so it makes sense that the Blue Bloodwyrm also works for him or her as well. In addition, Yvoke, or any other griffin type, would make a good alternative, thanks to their Mystic Cry buff, which increases magic attack by 20% for 30 seconds. As for land mount, the Baranosaurus also works, as well as the Magma Hound because of its Hound’s Roar, which does the same thing as Mystic Cry.

Best Pet: Blue Bloodwyrm, Frost Spider, Taslan the Devourer

different classes match different mounts in roi

In addition, you should keep in mind some tips. For me Priest was very difficult to include pets and mounts. Actually for all classes it was hard to find good pet alternatives. In the early of the game, I think Shimmered turtle is the most useful, especially its buff to defense is great in all boss fights. Apocalypse is the best pet for physical DPS. In my own opinion, Taslan is the best for mage and priest, He gives CD reduction and magic damage. The item to tame him is pretty cheap. If you need to make Riders of Icarus power leveling, you can visit Mmogah, which will provide satisfied service for you.

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