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Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest Big Sale - 10% Free Chaos Orbs at MmoGah

Big Sale! The new Path of Exile expansion Harvest will launch on June 19 (PDT) on PC. And the Best Gaming Store MmoGah will take a new form of big promotion - 10% Free Chaos Orb to give back to old and new customers.


 poe harvest promotion


Promotion Details:

1. Promotion Duration: June 22, 2020 – July 1, 2020 (PDT)


2. There will be equivalent to 10% of the total price of your one order Chaos Orbs to give you automatically when you place a PoE order, but the Total Price Must More Than 10 USD. And the unit price of Chaos Orb is based on our website.


For Example, the total price of your order is 27.55$, and then we will give you Chaos Orb amount is (27.55*10 %) 2.76$. When the unit price of Chaos Orb is 0.0059$, and then you will receive (2.76/0.0059) 467 free Chaos Orbs in your inventory.

 poe harvest free chaos orb


3. This activity is not available for the service of PoE Power Leveling. It is available for the remaining four services include PoE Currency, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb, and PoE Items.


4. You can get 10% free Chaos Orb and Member Discount for one time in one order.



Harvest League Preview:

“Though this land is shrouded in pain and darkness, it teems with life. Behold the Sacred Grove. With forethought, we may bend life to our will. To remake the world as we see fit. But beware, nature protects itself. But do not forget: whatever you sow, you must harvest.”


In the Harvest league, seek out the Seed Cache in every area you explore. Take its seeds through Oshabi’s portal to the Sacred Grove. Sew those seeds to grow dangerous and rewarding monsters. When they are ready for harvest, slaughter them, and extract Lifeforce. Use this Lifeforce to craft powerful items easily. Store the leftover Lifeforce to fertilize higher tiers of seeds. Discover rare seeds that yield exotic crafting options or dangerous endgame bosses. In addition to many new items and skills, this expansion also contains major revamps to the passive skill tree, warcries, slam skills, brands, and over 50 unique items.



We have a professional PoE team to farm PoE Goods through handwork and legitimate ways that you can buy trustingly. I sincerely welcome you to enjoy the 10% free Chaos Orb Promotion of PoE Harvest at MmoGah!



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