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How to Win the Control Game Mode and Maps in Overwatch

As all players know, there are four game modes in Overwatch: Assault, Escort, Control and a hybrid of Assault/Escort. Every game mode requires different technique. We have introduced the Assault mode in last article: Assault game mode and maps. Today we continue to share the Control game mode and maps with overwatch fans.

The Control game mode is different from other game modes in that both teams have the same role and the same objective within a given round. The objective of Control maps is to maintain control a single point, located in the center of the map, equidistant from the spawn points of both teams. Each team has its own Control point for exhibiting.

Once the match has started and both teams have left the spawn, the control point need to take 30 seconds to unlock. Once it unlocks, the objective area can be captured by either team.

Once you are in the capture point, you don’t have to stand within it the whole time. You can slip out and grab a health pack from the surrounding area, or attempt to disrupt the opposing team and trying to wrest control. There’s a bit of a grace period at the start of each map where the control points are inactive. Your team might get to the point first, but it won’t trigger the capture sequence right away. You’ll score a win if your progress bar reaches 100% before your opponent, and you need at least two wins to emerge victorious in the match.

There are three maps in the Control game mode, let's show them.


Each Control map has 3 different sub-areas, with each round taking place in one of these sub-areas. The maps are played in the best of 3 format (best of 5 format in Competitive Play), with the order in which the sub-areas are played being chosen at random.

Ljiang Tower

control map lijiangtower

This is a Control map set within a beautiful Chinese city. It's one of the favorite maps in the game.

Lijiang Tower splits into three distinct stages:

The Night Market

The Garden area

The final assault

When you're fighting for the second capture point, be incredibly wary of the bottomless pit that surrounds it. Try to stay aware of this environmental danger at all times.

The final control point is a little more enclosed. If you need to find some breathing space, you can look for the stairwell that takes you to a ledge that overlooks the actual control point.

You'll benefit from knowing the health packs' locations on all maps, but this goes double on Liiang Tower where firefights are often extremely intense. If you can get your hands on a rejuvenating health boost, you'll significantly increase the odds of surviving a one-on-one showdown.


control map ilios

There is plenty of sun, sea and shooting on this gorgeous Mediterranean Control map.

Ilios is one of the favorite Control maps in Overwatch, due to its incredibly varied layouts across all three control points, the positive and frenzied firefights always break out, and the endless opportunities for a canny player to single-handedly turn the tide of battle.

When snipers come to the Lighthouse objective, they should spend some time exploring the map in practice match. If you're struggling to get good vision on an enemy at the Lighthouse, be aware that many railings can actually be shot to pieces in order to give you a better field of vision.

The final stage presents an obvious trap in the form of massive dropping into the abyss by the control point. Lucio loves to beat other heroes down here, so he always be wary of your positioning. Roadhog sticks to wait near this pit, and then pulls victims into the hole.



control map nepal

There are two teams competing to take charge of a series of control points in an old monastery.

Once you've captured the first point on this map, feel free to move away from the initial objective and start pushing back the advancing forces. However, keep one eye on the point to ensure that there isn't sneaky.

The second capture point offers a height advantage to the team, keep in mind that there are four very clear directions to attack. Keep eyes on all possible avenues that the enemy might be approaching, and call out to your teammates if they need help from anywhere.


About the teams and compositions, you need to go with heroes who deal a whole lot of damage and HP. I recommend Mercy, Reaper, Reinhardt and Soldier: 76.

As Mercy can provide constant healing and boost damage; Reaper is an excellent flanker, and he can deal insane amount of close-range damage; Reinhardt has massive HP pool and barrier; Soldier: 76 is an excellent all-rounder. I do not really recommend using some heroes, such as Hanzo or Widowmaker. They can't really do a whole lot of damage at close-range and can't be flanked rather easily. However, since strategies are different from player to player, you should go with heroes that you feel comfortable with.

From above all, we hope you can master those tips, and then win the matches. We always update overwatch tips to players. If they could help you some, we will feel honored. If you can't level up or win the matches, you can ask a professional and trustworthy overwatch boosting site for help. Mmogah as one of the dependable overwatch boost sellers is your good choice, and you can see what mmogah can provide from this article: The best place to buy overwatch boosting.


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