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Guide to Hit Points - Health, Armor, Shield and Barrier in Overwatch

In Overwatch, Hip Point (HP) is an important factor in gameplay. It represents how much damage you can take before dying. Heroes spawn with a limited amount of HPs, which can be changed by using abilities and weapons, namely many abilities and weapons used by your opponents can deplete your hero's HPs. When a hero's HPs are fully depleted, he/she will be eliminated.

All heroes have at least some amount of normal HPs. Each block on the health meter represents a total of 25 HPs (whether it is normal health, shield, or armor). Some guides about HP will be showed you by Mmogah - a dependable and professional overwatch power leveling site.


There are four kinds of Hit Points: Health, Armor, Shield, and Barrier.


It appears on your health meter as plain white. Health takes full damage from all attacks and receives healing before other Hit Points heal. 

All heroes have at least 50 health. The regular health is the last Hit Point to be damaged, after the Armor, Shield, and Barrier are depleted. If your hero's Health falls to zero, he/she will die.

Mercy's Health will be passively regenerated 25 HPs per second if she does not take any damage for 3 seconds. Lúcio through his Crossfade: Heal can also regenerate his own Health. Furthermore, Winston's Primal Rage can increase his Health temporarily.


overwatch Torbjorn

Represented on the health bar by yellow (if innate) or orange (if added via ability) increments. Armor normally maintains a heavy metallic aesthetic throughout the game. It always appears after your normal health, and it was healed up via health packs or allies. Armor packs will give you +75 armors, but Armor can't be healed until obtaining a new armor pack.

Armor's function compare with Health, there is a major difference: Armor is hardy. It's the best "health" in the game for reducing damage. As long as you have armor, each time you take damage from any source, the damage is reduced by 5. This means it's extremely effective for blocking small, repeated sources of damage, such as tracer bullets and shotgun pellets, Winston's tesla gun, Zarya's beam and so on.

Heroes that have innate armor built into their health:

Bastion - He has 100 armors. His configuration: Tank also gives temporary innate Armor.

Torbjorn - His Molten Core gains +300 armors for the duration of the ultimate. His armor packs can be used to grant any hero.

D.va - She has 400 armors.

Winston - He has 100 armors.

Healing from other players will be boosted by 50% for recovering armor.


Overwatch shield

Shield will appear on the right side of your health bar as a light blue color. 

It will take priority over other types of HPs;

It was depleted before Health and Armor;

It won't offer damage reduction;

It will be regenerated 25 HPs per second after 3 seconds if no one takes damage.

Shield offers great protection from intermittent burst damage. Some heroes will take advantage of shields, mainly attack flankers, such as Tracer, Reaper, and Genji.

Symmetra, Zarya, and Zenyatta have innate shield. Symmetra's Photon shield can grant 25 shields to any ally, and these shields' function are normal except for death.


overwatch barrier

Barrier doesn't reduce damage (even if you also have armor), and it can't be regenerated and be healed.

Lúcio's ultimate ability grants 500 barriers to himself and allies within range, which immediately begins decaying 83 points per second until no point.


How to get healed in Overwatch?

Health Packs

There are two different health packs:

Small health packs give +75 HP, and have a 10 second respawn timer.

Large health packs give +250 HP, and have a 15 second respawn timer.

It is very important to memorize where all the health packs are in the maps, and the health pack placements are the most important things to remember.

Only support heroes can see the health meters of allies

All support heroes can see allies' health meters by default, such as Mercy, Zenyatta, Symmetra and Lucio. Other heroes are unable to see the health meters of allies.

Payload can heal you

It's important to know that if you are on the attack, and you are escorting a Payload, just being around it that will heal you at a rate of 10 HPs per second.


More guides or tips about Overwatch will be shared with you, and we would like to help you to win the matches. If you are no time or energy to level up, why not try to ask a secure and fast overwatch boost seller for help?

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