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How to Use the Offside Trap Effectively in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang January 03rd, 2017   

As all FIFA fans know that Offside is one of the laws of association football, but the offside offence is neither a foul nor a misconduct, players are never booked or sent off for offside. However, any play (such as the scoring of a goal) that occurs after the Offside has taken place but before the referee is able to stop the play is nullified. Players that continue such play may be booked based on the referee's assessment of how significant or intentional the play was.

Here mmogah as a professional fifa coins xbox one site makes a summary of Offside trap tactics.


What is the Offside rule?


It means that players in an offside position, any of their body parts with which they can touch the ball during the play; Players are in the opponents' half of the pitch and closer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second to last opponent (usually, but not necessarily always, the last defensive player in front of the goalkeeper).

Being in an offside position is not an offence in itself, only when the ball touches, or is played by one of his teammate, the referee thinks that the player must also be "actively involved in the play". When the offside offence occurs, the referee stops you playing and awards an indirect free kick to the defending team from the offending player’s position.


How to enforce this rule?

In enforcing this rule, the referee depends greatly on assistant referee, who generally keeps in line with the second to last opponent, the ball, or the halfway line, whichever is closer to the goal line of their relevant end. An assistant referee signals that an offside offence is in the middle of the pitch, and it has occurred by first raising their flag upright without movement. On the far side, the flag would be pointed up at 45 degrees; if an offside is near the assistant, it would be pointed down. However, adjudicating offside is ultimately up to the referee, who can overrule the advice of their assistants if they see fit.


Offside sanction

The restart for an offside sanction is an indirect free kick for the opponent at the place where the offside player was at the time the teammate passed or touched the ball, which is defined as where the infringement took place.


How to Use the Offside Trap effectively?

Effectively using the offside trap is considered one of soccer’s hidden arts, which is the lowest cost and most effective defensive tactic. Offside is designed to force the attacking team into an offside position, and you can immediately get the ball right (free kick).

- The critical importance of communication cannot be overstated.

The full backs, center backs and goalkeeper need to keep a constant eye on each other’s positions and keep each other informed by shouting loudly and crisply. Usually, one of the more experienced central defenders will make the decision to step up, others need to follow instantly. The slightest delay could be the difference between a goal and free kick.

- Keep the back line (3 or 4 defenders) straight across the field.

This means that they should be in a line parallel to the halfway line, and move up and down the field in unison in defensive situations.

- When the opponents play a forward ball, it should be up to one defender (usually one of the center backs) to decide whether or not the line will step up or drop back. He must make that decision based on the position of the attacking players.

If a few steps forward would suddenly put the striker offside, he will move the lineup and possibly win a free kick. If he believes the opponents will play the ball before the defense can step up, he will tell his teammates to drop back and take a different defensive approach.

  • Important Note: Breaking it down is quite straightforward, but executing is hard. The execution requires careful timing by the defense, which is considered a risk, since running up field against the direction of attack may leave the goal exposed. Offside traps need to have a very good team, as long as one person will be slow to pull the line of defense, will result in offside trap failure. If the trap is invalid offside, then the other side of the pass will be completely tearing our defense, leading to the rear emptiness.

Practice: cross key ↑ + cross key ↑

You can also manually move the defense forward. You need to quickly cross the direction of the other two goals in the direction of the opponent, and within a limited time so that the front line forward, but for the novice is not recommended.


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