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How to Shield the Ball Effectively in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang December 07th, 2016   

As FIFA fans know, it is not easy to play game and win the matches. If you’re finding it hard to win the ball back and frustrating that you are lost, there’s a high probability that you’ve not realized you can shield the ball. The physical nature of FIFA17 means that you will need to keep the ball away from danger, so holding the left trigger means you can shield it from your opponent, and also give you a bit more time to pick out that killer pass.

The FIFA 17 Physical Play Overhaul is the first thing you’re going to want to grip with when you fire up the game. Possession is key in FIFA 17, so losing the ball can cost you dearly. There’s a sure-fire way of making it as difficult as possible for your foe to snatch it off you. Here are some important tips provided by mmogah (a professional fifa coins website).


Physical Play Overhaul


The way players interact physically all over the pitch has been dramatically transformed. From an attacking stand point, you can shield the ball in a number of different situations, back into your opponent, defensively push/pull mechanics has been tweaked, and you can shoulder barge your opponent off the ball.

We also improved the way defenders perform tackles. One problem players met was when you would tackle in the same direction your opponent was going, it would only give the ball right back to the attacker. Now, defenders will try to tackle in the opposite direction to prevent the attacker from quickly recovering the ball and continuing towards goal.

If there is a teammate close by, the tackle will attempt to push the ball towards their teammate and not just into open space which could be retrieved by anyone. Defenders will also try physical tackles in the attempt to keep possession or push the ball in the opposite direction. Your teammates (AI-controlled defenders) will better help in chasing situations and prevent players from running solo with the ball for long periods of time.


360 Degree Shield Dribble


This is one of the new features in FIFA 17, and it is another game change for the franchise. There are different components, but the main function is the ability to shield the ball successfully under any type of situation. In previous games, this was a huge missing part, the ability to hold up play, and place your body between the ball and the defenders to shield them away from the ball, which didn't work as we wanted in previous games, but now shielding becomes a reliable feature for us.

We’re not exactly sure how much of a different impact it will have, but it can be helpful for you. If you held down L2 / LT on FIFA 16, it was incredibly hard for the opposition to steal the ball, since the AI would turn the body of your attacker to put his body between the ball and the opposition.

This feature will be an extremely powerful tool and is something you must get to grips with immediately when getting started on FIFA 17.


The three main ways to use this new feature:

Never use manual protect, which FYI is L1 and L2 (PS4), or LT and LB (XB1)

- When you hold down L2 or LT, you’ll go into Pro Protect mode, and then you can move the left stick to keep control of the ball, even you can back into the defender.

- Holding LT/L2, and the receiver will begin shielding as the ball arrives at his feet.

When doing this will make your player protect the ball with his body whilst controlling it with the foot furthest away from the defender. This will allow a lot more careful and methodical play.

- From set pieces, crosses or from lumped balls forward instead of heading it, now you’ll be able to fight for position and chest the ball down. This won’t work in all situations, but it will depend on the context of the battle, and on the strength of your player compared to who is challenging him.


How is 360 Degree Shield Dribble performed in-game

To trigger 360 Degree Shield Dribble, pressing LT/L2, you will see your player be aware of the closest opponent, and you will dribble the ball with the foot to protect the ball to make it difficult for your opponent to nick the ball. They will also stretch out their arm to stop the defender from getting closer. When the defender gets close, you will see how the dribbler places their body in a way that shields the defender from reaching the ball. Even when engaged in shield battles, you can dribble in any direction you want. You can also dribble into the defender, but your player will back into the opposition, drag and roll the ball for great protection. Holding LT/L2 emphasizes protecting the ball over trying to get to your target as fast as possible.


If you’re struggling to do those tips, there are another valuable fifa tips to help you out with winning matches, and you can buy fifa coins (fifa coins kaufen) from a trustworthy fifa 17 coins ps4 site.



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