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How to Make Use of Ones to Watch Cards to Make FIFA 17 Coins

Ones to Watch (OTW) Cards are a significant new mechanic in Ultimate Team mode. They are also known as Hybrid cards that are a category of cards. They replace the regular player cards from September 30 to October 10 (Summer Edition) and from February 3 to February 10 (Winter Edition). Each Ones to Watch player has a dynamic rating increase that is based on his Team of The Week (TOTW) performance throughout the season. Here mmogah.com would like to share some useful information with fifa fans.



What are Ones to Watch Cards?

Ones to Watch cards are a brand new card category in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. These black cards are assigned to a very limited selection of players, replacing their regular cards in packs for a limited time.

These special cards collect 23 hand-picked players under the age of 30 who secured high-profile transfers last summer.



Why are Ones to Watch Cards Special?

These items dynamically upgrade and increase in rating throughout the season. The items will automatically match the players latest TOTW inform, which means their prices will fluctuate on the transfer market!


Ones to Watch Cards Ratings and Stats.

Opposite to all other FUT cards, the OTW ratings and stats are not fixed, which increase is not depending on the player’s performance. Ones to Watch cards boost in rating and stats, and a player can get a new OTW card every time (except TOTS, TOTY and Record Breaker). In other words, they are in-form cards that have the stats of those players’ highest rated cards. The ratings of OTW cards should be automatically updated as soon as a new IF cards be released.

If you find one of these new cards in a pack, you will have to make a decision: how often the player will feature in each TOTW throughout the FUT 17 course. Each time your player stats will grow in line with his latest TOTW performance. However if he fail to make many TOTY squads, you should sell the player item on the FUT transfer market.


How Ones to Watch Cards work?

In brief, Ones to Watch Cards work by changing according to players' in-form cards in Ultimate Team

- Ones to Watch Cards rating can't decrease 

Once they increase, that's the minimum rating the card has for the rest of the season. It only changes if there's another higher-rated in-form card released down the line.

- Ones to Watch cards are available in any FUT player pack

It means that any free packs, purchased packs or gifts could have a Ones to Watch player inside.

- Ones to Watch ratings are updated immediately

As long as the new TOTW or other in-form card is available, the Ones to Watch card will increase.

Ones to Watch Cards replace their standard versions during the release period, since they're available in packs.



Ones to Watch Cards Prices, and How to Make Coins?

The hybrid cards prices depend of how well the players perform and how many IF cards they get. That’s why it is so difficult to predict the price. These cards give the game a fantasy football element.

We believe that Ones to Watch Cards are probably one of the best investments that players can make in FUT 17. OTW cards only be available on the transfer market, which means that their function is primarily an investment card for fantasy-football style bets on the market.

When the game starts, most of players have no idea how these cards work. Many of them would sale these cards based on their ratings, since they don’t know the ratings can growth during the season.

The improvement of these special cards all depends on real-life players’ performances.

- If you think they are about to hit a hot streak of form, it should be better to store them in your FUT club and watch them grow.

- If you catch a live game on TV with your players featuring, and they’re looking sluggish and lackluster, it should be wise to sale them before other players do. You should be aware that when supply increases of your players on list and price decrease (assuming demand remains the same).

This new feature is another way of connecting real world football with FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. It is sure to bring lots of excitement for fans who love FUT 17, and watch their favorite players perform on the biggest stage.


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