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How to Level Up Your League Of Legends Smurf Account fast

John Ryan Date: December 29th, 2014 Views: 11373 lol mmogah power leveling

Season 5 is going to begin, many people want to try out ranked but they have to level up to lvl 30 first. How to level up a League Of Legends smurf account fast? Of course, buy LoL Power Leveling Boost  is a good idea. But if you don’t want to draw support from Power leveling, this Article also will help you lvl 30 quickly.


1. You need some RP(Riot Points). Buy 10 Win XP Boost and 7 Day XP Boost at the store. These boosts will accumulate AND you will get triple XP per match.

How to level up your League Of Legends smurf account fast

2. It is recommended that you play with four of your friends. Create a customized game, not Co-op vs.AI which will waste your time.

How to level up your League Of Legends smurf account fast

3. When the game starts, buy a ward. Don’t wait for the minions, put the ward in the turrent below, the turrent will be the attack ward first. If you all are dead, the turrent would lose 2/5 of blood.


4. Resurrection. Wait for the minions to attack turrent, only mid. Don’t be concerned about Enemy Cham, they won’t cause too much harm for you. Buy attack-speed equipment only.


5. Win. When you are skilled, you would be able to complete a game in about 5-10 minutes.


Recommended Champions:

Nunu/Yi/Graves/Blitzcrank/Miss Fortune/Fiora/Warwick etc. They have faster attack speed for pushing the turrent.


Points to remember:


Don’t worry about last hitting. You will not return to the shop, just ram it hard and push it fast.


Don’t waste time chasing the bot in her base.


Also, if possible, take the caster minions first. Watching two rows of caster minions duke it out in tower aggro range is annoying and a waste of time.


It takes around 40,000 experiences to level up to 30, which is around 140 of these 5-minute bot games. So after 700 odd minutes of grinding you could have a lvl 30 smurf.


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