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How to Create the Perfect Line-Up in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang January 06th, 2017   

The cornerstone of every good Ultimate Team is having the right line-up on the pitch. Without a good line-up, you won't have good team chemistry and you won't perform well on the field, but creating right line-up is not easy, as there are numerous factors need to be considered, including team chemistry, formations, balance, and etc. The selection of players is extremely important. 

Mmogah will share some important tips about creating the right line-up in this chapter.


To harness the full extent of your players' potential to maximize players’ chemistry. The chemistry for a single player can reach a maximum value of 10. It depends on the chemistry links between players, as well as the player's position. 



Compose your team perfectly and look for good team chemistry

A good team composition is crucial in Ultimate Team as well. It is not just buying the players with the best ratings. You need to coordinate them well, since every player has a preferred position and gets on particularly well with fellow players from the same country. 


Player Position - Put each player in the correct position. Each player’s position is shown on his card. Of course, different formations have different positions. For example, the attack position can only consist of strikers, but other positions can utilize a center forward with wingers. That's why you need to choose the appropriate formation for your players.

If a player has appropriate connection with other teammates, he will have 10 chemistry points. However, if he occupies a position similar to his original one, he will receive 9 chemistry points, which proves sufficient for his needs.

Chemistry Styles – You need to concern which stats are increased, how much they're increased, and when you have a strong overall rating chemistry.

Overall rating - This is a hidden number, which comes from a combination of individual player chemistry and team chemistry. A high overall rating chemistry will increase player attributes, and a low overall rating chemistry will actually decrease them.

Player Links – The players in specific positions are connected to each other. It is indicated by the colored lines between players, these will show up as either red, orange, or green. For a player to have full chemistry, he must be surrounded by players that he gets along with.

The player needs many points, as there are connections in the formation going out of his position. It depends strictly on the formation. For example, in the 4-1-2-1-2 formation, the CAM needs as many as five points to have maximum chemistry, but the left and right backs only need two.

Loyalty - Players who have played 10 or more matches for your club will receive a loyalty bonus, increasing their player chemistry by 1. This is indicated by the green shield icon on their card.



Manager and trainer are important as well

Managers are a part of the squad to add chemistry points to specific players and extend their contracts. Each of them has a specific league and nationality. A manager's league can be changed by using a manager's league card.

Manager and coach can raise the team chemistry value if you don't want to change your team.

Make sure that your coach has the same nationality as the majority of your players. Managers prefer a specific formation, so make sure it matches with the one you've chosen for your team. If you don't find a fitting one, keep an eye on modification cards in the auction house, which allows you to change a manager's favorite formation. 


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