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How to Accurately Attack in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 has proved popular since its release last month. It was the top-selling game in the UK and Australia this week, a large number of players have taken part in the game, and FIFA 18 was received well among critics.

Attacking is the best way to score goals in tough games. Starting for a defensive game can work in a few cases, but when you lose a goal or two in the first half of the game, it becomes incredibly hard for you to get win in the game. You never know what will happen, and your opponent may grab a last minute to bring you down.

As a professional fifa coins seller, MmoGah recommends you to play slightly attacking game play and secure a one goal lead. If you choose to start defensive firstly, and can’t score a goal on first 30 minute in game, you should change game mode to slightly attacking to get a goal. With our FIFA 18 attacking tips and tricks, you'll be prepared to kick some serious butt out on the virtual pitch! 


Compare with offense and defense, Offense is more difficult to master. Since you should remember many controls if you want to hold onto the ball long enough to score some goals.

FIFA 18 Custom Tactics

You tactics is directly proportional to your players in game activity. When you are on an attack, your players make quick runs towards your opponents goal post and while defending, your defenders apply pressure to take ball quickly off your opponent. There are many tactics, each one has its own play style.

Alternately, you can also choose your Custom Tactics to control your own players, and it is a wonderful place to start things off.



Choose the right Formation and player instructions

Player instructions vary from formation to formation. So you should know how player instructions work and apply them right. You can adjust your custom tactics accordingly.

If fifa is an Engine, Custom Tactics, Formation and Player Instructions are the parts of it. If any one of them fails to work well, your fifa game play is going to be terrible. So make sure to set the right values before you play the game.



Shooting in FIFA 18

The most crucial aspect of winning is scoring goals. In order to do that, you should know what kind of shots to make and when to make them.

The most basic shot is done by pressing or holding O [PS4] or B [Xbox One]. This will shoot the ball in front of your player. Its height will depend on how long you held O/B after you pressed it. The ball will go high if you hold down O/B and it will only get a little bit of air if you tap the button.

The next shot is the finesse shot, which you should be familiar with (holding R1/RB). When performing the finesse shot, you'll hold the button down for just a moment or two. Give it enough power to get some air, but not too much to prevent the ball from flying away.



Passing in FIFA 18

In order to shoot the ball into the goal, you have to get the ball on the opposing team's side of the pitch, so you should have a strong passing game.

A good starting point is the short pass, which is simple by pressing X/A. This is a great pass when you don't have anyone between you and your nearby teammate in FIFA 18.

When you have a defender between you and your teammate, you can press Square/X, which lobs the ball over your opponent's head, allowing your teammate to get possession of the ball.


Ball Control in FIFA 18

The most difficult aspect of FIFA 18 is effectively controlling ball. It seems simple on the surface, actually it is the most difficult part. You have to avoid an entire enemy team, or they will slow you down and steal the ball away. Luckily, you have a lot of tricks to hold onto the ball.

To start with, you protect the ball by holding down L2/LT. This makes you move a bit slower/more awkwardly, but it's great for you when an opposing player is right on you.


Free Kicks in FIFA 18

When you get the chance to perform a free kick in FIFA 18, you can either try to score as the free kicker or you can try to pass to a teammate to set them up to score. 


It is not very easy to master the attacking tips, so you should learn more fifa guide and practice more. You can buy fifa 18 coins (fifa 18 coins kaufen) to obtain some valuable players to strong your squad. FIFA 17 coins is on hot sale at our store, if you need any fifa coins, please contact our live chat.

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