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Halloween Event: FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream

From Oct 20 to Oct 29, 23 Ultimate Scream players are available in packs with upgraded ratings as unique items.

“The Ultimate Scream items “come alive” at the scariest times during the season. The terrifying boost makes its first appearance during Halloween (Oct 29 - Nov 1), but then returns again and again throughout the season. But be warned, these boosts are always temporary.”

The new FIFA 18 Scream Cards update has arrived for Ultimate Team fans on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Here MmoGah as a professional fut coins store would like to share the details of FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream with fifa fans. 

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The Ultimate Scream cards are released once a year during the Halloween event. The players selected to get one of the FIFA 18 Scream cards. All players’ items are scary enough with permanently upgraded stats, but they also receive temporarily high ratings boosts during Halloween and specific periods throughout the season to make your FUT squad even more frightening.


What is FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream?

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream is a special Halloween themed event for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. During the Halloween period, a special squad of new player cards will be released, each having an in-form boost over the original cards. Moreover, the cards will increase their stats significantly for three or four days near Halloween. These boosts can be as much as 10 points, making for hugely impressive players. 

Scream players are not randomly selected. They are chosen to be part of the FIFA 18 ultimate scream squad based on their exceptional real-world performances, records and FUT attributes.


How long are Ultimate Scream players in packs for?

All 23 Ultimate Scream players are in packs with initial upgraded ratings from Oct 20th 10am PDT to Oct 29th 10am PDT.

The first boost period is Halloween, from Oct 29th 10am PDT until Nov 1st 11am PDT.

How does the Temporary Boost works?

All 23 Ultimate Scream players will automatically receive terrifying temporary stats boosts at various periods during the season, starting with Halloween (Oct 29 to Nov 1). When the period ends, the item goes back down to its original Ultimate Scream rating until the next boost period.


What makes Ultimate Scream items special?

Each Ultimate Scream player comes on a unique item shell and an upgraded rating upon releases. But during various periods in the season, the additional temporary boost takes them from scary to utterly terrifying.


Are Ultimate Scream Players tradeable?

Yes. You can trade the 23 Ultimate Scream players that you find in packs from the auction house from Oct 20 onwards. When they receive their temporary boosts, you can still trade them, but beware that they will return back to their original rating once the boost period ends.


How to get FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Player Cards?

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream cards are released just like promotional cards. They are available released during period, replacing the original cards in card packs. It means that if you have the same chance to find an Ultimate Scream card,and you would get high quality player.


Can I use Ultimate Scream players in FUT Champions and Weekend League?

Yes. When Ultimate Scream players receive their temporary boosts, you can still use them, but beware that they will return back to their original initial upgraded rating once the boost period is over.


Should You Invest in FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream?

Once the FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream event finishes, the special promotional cards will be removed from card packs. It means that you’ll only be able to buy them from sellers on the marketplace. Although the player stats won’t be amazing than Halloween, these cards will still fetch a lot due to collectible value. 


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