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Guide to Winter Upgrades in FIFA 18

At the beginning of every season, EA Sports releases the complete ratings list for the new FIFA game, with thousands of players across the world receiving a grade from 45 to 99. Some of them perform better than their original ratings, exceeding expectations and their transfer values in real life. So they receive improved stats to match their on-field counterparts who have had strong starts to the 2017-18 campaign.

The upgrades are being selected out by competition, but which players can get them? Here MmoGah as a professional fifa18 coins store tells you the details about fifa 18 winter upgrades.



When are the Winter Upgrades happening?

If some players are deployed in a different pitch’s area than their original card indicates, they will receive position changes, as well as getting new ratings and new clubs.

Marcus Rashford (Manchester United star) is one such player, moving from striker to left midfield as well as getting a +2 overall increase from 79 to 81.

Among players, Kevin De Bruyne has received weak foot upgrades with the Manchester City midfielder's weak foot being increased to five stars. Some players’ skill ratings also got a boost, allowing them to perform a lot of skill moves in game, such as Real Madrid winger Lucas Vasquez and Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.


How FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades work (Rating Refresh)?

Different to other game modes, according to players’ appearances in real life, they aren’t automatically updated throughout the season. Some players may receive In Form cards, but most players remain the original characteristics they were given. In Ultimate Team, upgrades are made through new cards’ release in determined periods.

The first one happens within the transition of one FIFA to another, in order to reflect the player’s evolution between two seasons.

The second one, the players stood out the most in the first half of the season, who will be rewarded with the new (improved) cards’ release in February.


The official rules as below.

Rule 1

Upgrades apply to new non-inform players found in packs. You will not receive an upgrade if Non-inform players in your Club.

Rule 2

An upgraded player’s IFs will get an upgrade, if his new OVR rating equals or surpasses his existing first in-form’s rating,

- An exception is made for lower rated players with significant upgrades.
- Does not apply to Ultimate Scream items.

Rule 3
The boost
An upgraded player’s IFs will not get an upgrade, if an upgraded player’s new OVR rating does not equal or surpass his existing in-form’s rating.

- However, an upgraded player’s lower-quality IF will not get an upgrade, if he has an existing IF gets upgraded across Quality tiers, which preserves the in-form’s high value.

- There is also an extra rule that official site hasn’t announced, but EA is using:

If a NIF card is upgraded to 77, his IF card may be updated to 82
If a NIF card is upgraded to 78, his IF card may be updated to 82
If a NIF card is upgraded to 79, his IF card may be updated to 83
If a NIF card is upgraded to 80, his IF card may be updated to 83
If a NIF card is upgraded to 81, his IF card may be updated to 84
If a NIF card is upgraded to 82, his IF card may be updated to 84
If a NIF card is upgraded to 83, his IF card may be updated to 85
If a NIF card is upgraded to 84, his IF card may be updated to 86
If a NIF card is upgraded to 85, his IF card may be updated to 86
If a NIF card is upgraded to 86, his IF card may be updated to 87


Which players will receive upgrades?

The current online seasons’ ratings database is one of the best indicators to determine which players will receive upgrades.

If a player had got multiple in-form versions in Team of the Week squads released during the season, he will get an upgrade in previous versions of FIFA. Players who constantly played well during the first-half of the season were more likely to receive a boost for their basic edition in order to match their current level of ability.

Harry Kane's excellent scoring run to finish the calendar year saw him receive the Premier League Player of the Month award for December, which was his second time to win it this season, providing him with his fourth boosted card in the five months since FIFA 18 was released. As a result, he received an upgrade from 86 to 88.


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