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FUT 15 Winter Transfers Strengthen of Players in the Last Battle


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers has ended until now. There are 4 times updates in January. EA has updated the following 5 transferred players.

Price of these players raised a lot. Chelsea announced they bought RM Juan Cuadrado with 2650 pounds to completely solve the problem of right attacking in the Premier League. Cuadrado’s price has raised almost twenty times than before on average. Maybe you will spend more fifa 15 coins to buy the player.

Look at the following date which is the other players’ price altered chart.

FUT Cup of Fifa 15 knockout round had gone through hardships. After a week of intense confrontation, the result had settled finally. The intensity of the game exceeded expectations completely. Please see the following two analysis as examples:

  • Derossi 630 VS Bahamute 4k

Era's Derossi 630 had five long contests with Yunnan King Bahamute4k on the way to reach the peak of perfection. In the last round of the match Derossi 630 won in 8-3 with absolute competitive advantage. Even though Yunnan King was the overmatch in a stretch of land before and also made exertions, failure waved to him. The two sides had come to a deadlock for more than two hours.

  • Force_xxjj VS Rancici

Force_XXJJ engaged in the battle with Rancici in top 16. Thought it would spark, but was not so fierce, the Force promoted easily in 1-0, 3-3, 3-1. Rancici who had done excellently in group race did not continue its good condition. It was really a pity. Hopeless Force_xxjj showed strong offensive strength in the last game. Maybe it will let the rival cowardly in the top 8.

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