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FIFA 18 Winter Transfers Will Be Released in January, 2018

FIFA 18 Winter Transfers will be released in January, 2018. In FIFA Ultimate Team, transfers are made through new cards’ release in two specific times: Summer and Winter Transfers Seasons. Players only in the real-life pitch, and they don’t switch between clubs. Today MmoGah.com would like to share the details of fifa 18 Winter Transfer with fifa fans.



What are the FIFA 18 Winter Transfers?
In order to keep the game updated, Electronic Arts replicates in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team what is happening in the real world transfer market.

FIFA 18 Transfer Card is a non-day regular player card that updates the club when he moves to other club. When a player is transferred, the cards that start coming in packs have got the new club.



When the FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Cards will be available?

These cards are released as the transfers are occurring in real life. Most of the FIFA 18 Winter transfers are released in FUT on February 1st, and they can affect more than 1,000 players.

As soon as transfer cards are released, they replace all the respective regular cards that were supposed to be released in packs until the end of the game, or eventually until a new transfer card release.

We expect the biggest FIFA 18 Winter transfers batches in the following dates:



How the FIFA 18 Winter Transfers work?

Rule 1

The release

When a player moves from his club to another one in the real life, EA Sports releases a new card of this player: the transfer card.


Rule 2

The New Card

There is only one difference between the new card and the old one. The regular version is the club and eventually the league. In other aspects, they are physically identical, including the ratings and the stats that remain unchanged.


Rule 3

Cards in packs
1. When a player is transferred, the cards that start coming in packs are the ones with the new club.

As soon as the new card is inserted in FUT packs, the old ones can only be found in the existing clubs and in the transfer market.

2. If you own the original player card, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the new club version, you will need to buy the corresponding new card in the market or get it on a pack.


What happens to the prices of Transfer cards?
These new cards’ prices vary mostly according to their new scenario.

- When a player goes to a popular club, his new card’s price will start rising to even reach three times. But only after a few days, it’ll eventually get close to the old card’s value.

- When a player goes to less popular club, the new card’s price gets slightly superior, but after some time the old cards become rare enough to be considered the most valuable ones.

One of the best trading opportunities during the winter transfer is that you should stop coming from packs, so they become rarer and more expensive.


Everything you should know about FIFA 18 Winter Transfer

Are there two regular cards for a single player that was transferred?
Yes. One corresponds to the start of the season and the other corresponds to where he moved to during winter transfers.

How long are FIFA 18 Winter Transfers Players cards available in FIFA packs?
As soon as they are released for the first time, they remain in packs until the end of the game, replacing the day 1 cards, or eventually until a new transfer card be released.

When do the new cards take place of the old ones in packs?
EA doesn’t release them all at once. The biggest part of the update to be made on the transfer deadline day - February 1st 2018.

Can I have both the original and the new card in my club?
Yes. However, a squad can only have one of them.

Can a transferred player receive an upgraded card?
Yes, he can. Although EA tries to separate player transfers/player upgrades, there are rare cases in which a player is both transferred and upgraded at the same time. In that case both situations are passed on to one single card.

What FIFA 18 Winter transfers can bring us?
Once the new cards are released, league/club possible combinations increase, which makes it easier for us to build squads with good chemistry.


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