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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips for Beginners

FIFA 18 is officially launched on Sep 29, and now many players can enter Ultimate Team Mode to create their "ultimate team". However, this is not easy, FUT beginners can be quickly overwhelmed with this complex mode and overlook important things. If you want to start FIFA 18 Ultimate Team on the right foot, follow MmoGah Beginners Guide of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, and you can start playing this amazing game.

Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in FIFA franchise. The beginning of FUT 18 is the single most important moment in fifa 18 game, and you can try to build the team of your dreams. It is always an unfinished project. You will always find new goals to achieve: test other players, try a new formation, win a tournament, qualify for the Weekend League and etc.


Here’s our check-list at the start of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - the perfect ways:

Prepare yourself and make a plan

If it’s the first time you’re playing FUT, try learning some basic information and guides on our website. If you’ve played FUT 17 or a previous version, you will look forward to seeing what is new.

Start as soon as possible

The sooner you start FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, your chances are greater of being successful. Since the beginning of the game being the most important time.

If you do everything earlier, you will have bigger chances of forming a superior team compared to the competition and with that potentially win more games, which means you will earn more coins.


Customize your club

When starting the game for the first time, you’ll be asked to maintain your club’s name (exclusive to returning players). If you choose to abdicate your antiquity, it will be reset. Insert the name you chose, but you can’t change it without the right item from the EASFC catalogue or through the Objectives. You only have one time to try, so it requires that you have reached the level 20 of experience XP. Pay special attention to this step. Please remember: more haste less speed.

There are a few steps that allow you to customize your team:

Choose the nationality of the best player from your starter pack;

Choose a player on loan;
Choose the main and the alternative kits;
Choose the badge of your club.

Start Trading

In the early days of the game, there are variations in the market.

For your first investment, the risk is really low and you will be avoiding the Price Ranges restrictions. We recommend your first cards to cost between 150 and 300 coins that you can sell with a profit of about 50%. The consumables are usually excellent targets for this end, since you can store as many as you want. Remember that it’s very important to have fifa coins or cards on hold, and you can buy fifa 18 coins (fifa 18 coins kaufen) from a reliable site.

Start studying the market. For the first days of the market, you shouldn’t restrict to selling and buying the cards in a period of time. The trading should be continuous.


Hire Managers

After owning some coins, it’s time to make the first investment for the game’s exclusive satisfaction. The managers and the contracts should be the first. Buying managers must be done the cleverest possible way.

Managers are the most important staff in FUT 18. They can be the solution to a problem you should manage with extreme caution: contracts.

In a long-term step, this will be extremely beneficial; In a short-term step, it will guarantee your match prizes to be superior than your spent contracts. The sustainability of your team will be guaranteed.


Build your team

Now you can finally begin building your dream team. This is the task that is going to cut a bigger slice out of your budget. Try starting to fill places in your squad with medium players that will serve as substitutes or reserves in the future. Keep your balance and buy a first team player. One by one you’ll form your team. This way, you’ll have time to analyze the behavior in the market for your next purchase and you’ll be able to buy good players at lower prices.

It is highly recommended that you keep your hand to yourself and do not bid on expensive legend players.

Having a good chemistry in your team will greatly increase your chances: win more and more challenges and games. You should build up your team considering the chemistry of your team and not just by best players.


All these tips are important for beginners, we hope that you can quickly and easily implement to go with your Ultimate Team! For more guides, you can visit our site: MmoGah.com. We are also selling FIFA 17 coins, so if you want to buy fifa coins, please contact our live chat.

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