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FIFA 18 OTW Winter Edition Cards Will Be Available on February 2

Ones to Watch (OTW) is a fairly new feature in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, and it has a rather unique ability to change throughout the season.

Certain players who have made big moves in the transfer window get these special cards, and EA Sports has just revealed three brand new Ones to Watch cards: Coutinho, Sanchez and Mikhitaryan on Jan 28. These players will dynamically upgrade as the season goes on. For example, if you have one player in your squad and that player gets a Team of the Week upgrade, your Ones to Watch card will also apply to that upgrade. Today MmoGah as one of the best fut coins sellers will guide you the details of FIFA 18 OTW winter edition cards.



What is Ones to Watch (OTW) Cards?

23 Ones to Watch cards featuring top-players with less than 30 years old who moved to new clubs on this winter transfer window. 

From 2017's roller coaster of a summer transfer window, 23 most exciting transfers and loans are also the most valuable players to have in your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad. When the players perform well in real life, their special dynamic items will get a ratings boost.


These are special player cards - a group of the biggest transfers that took place on the 2017/2018 season. While normal FUT 18 player cards and TOTW player cards have stats that are permanent, OTW cards will change stats each time they get a boost by appearing in a TOTW, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero or Record Breaker. Stats on OTW cards can’t drop, but it won’t increase if they never make a Team of the Week. 

These cards are reserved for high profile players, but interestingly, they have to be under the age of 30 to be eligible. 


What can you expect from FIFA 18 OTW Winter Edition?

FIFA 18 OTW Winter Edition Cards are available from February 2 to 9. During this week, it is not possible to find the regular cards of this selection of players, since the hybrid cards are replacing them.

Each FIFA 18 OTW Winter Edition player will have a dynamic rating that will increase based on their latest Team of The Week (TOTW), European Team of the Tournament, Man of the Match (MOTM), Hero or Record Breaker In-Forms. Take advantage of special SBC during this period for a chance at any Ones to Watch item, including Summer Transfers.



How to get FIFA 18 OTW Cards?

OTW cards in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team are available in card packs and on the transfer market. FIFA 18 OTW cards will no longer be included in Gold Packs. The OTW cards fetch very high fees on the transfer market, so we hope you can get lucky pack, or you can start saving! 

Important Note:

If an Ones to Watch player has an In-Form card or other upgrade which will changes his position, his stats will change, but the position will remain the same. 


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