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FIFA 18 Latest Update: Cyber Monday Promotion

FIFA Cyber Monday is a FUT promotion, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It follows Black Friday. In terms of Cyber Monday for FIFA Ultimate Team, EA releases a variety of Happy Hour Pack Offers, Flash Squad Building Challenges, a Kit and weekly objectives. Much like Black Friday, FIFA 18 Cyber Monday is a big deal for the FUT community.

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What is FIFA 18 Cyber Monday Promotion?

During the 24 hours of the FIFA 18 Cyber Monday event, EA will release a variety of Happy Hour Pack Offers with the inclusion of lightning rounds, and multiple flash squad building challenges. Besides that, they are available escalating rewards in Weekly Objectives.

FIFA Happy Hour is the term used to describe Promotional Pack Offers in FIFA Ultimate Team. Promotional FIFA Happy Hour Packs can be purchased with fut coins and are better value for finding Team of the Week in-form players, since there are rare players in these packs. Each individual Pack Offer is limited to per player for a certain number of packs, depending on the overall pack’s value.



Promo Packs & Lightning Rounds

Lightning rounds are limited in a different way. However, they are released in limited quantities to all users on a first come, first served basis, and are available throughout the day every three hours.

EA knows that these big events are the perfect time to sell packs, so they release the most wanted packs on the FUT 18 store.

The most likely promo packs as below.

15k Premium Gold Jumbo packs
25k Premium Gold Players packs
25k Rare Gold packs
35k Mega packs
45k Prime Gold Players Pack
50k Rare Players packs
55k Rare Mega packs
100k Jumbo Rare Players packs
125k Ultimate packs


Squad Building Challenges

Complete specific SBCs to improve your team.

Every FIFA event has its own squad building challenges, Cyber Monday is no exception. To celebrate this event, play the special flash SBCs with the chance to earn unique rewards. This kind of SBC is only available for a very short time, usually from 1 to 2 hours.


More Offers

Win even more rewards
FIFA 18 Cyber Monday event is not all about packs and SBCs. It also includes other offers.

Not only will the Weekly Objectives be themed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the more you engage with these Objectives, the better your potential rewards will be! An exclusive kit will be available as a reward for a Weekly Objective.

The more matches you play this week, the more and the better packs you can win:

Play 10 matches – Premium Gold Pack and a Black Friday kit (untradeable)

Play 20 matches – Premium Electrum Players Pack (untradeable)

Play 30 matches – Premium Gold Players Pack (untradeable)


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