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FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) Is Coming on May 12th

Shirley Huang May 11th, 2017   

FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) is coming on May 12th, and all FIFA fans are excited about those shiny blue cards. The release of TOTS will have a huge impact on player prices.

How should I prepare for TOTS?

Should I sell my team and players to save all coins for the TOTS?

Smart trading tricks and investment can save and earn FIFA 17 coins in transfer market!

Hereby we MmoGah.com share the FIFA 17 TOTS details & Market Crash, and you can make more FUT 17 coins for your Dream Team, even you can take part in FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenge during market crash with cheap fifa coins


“FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) is a celebration of the very best players from this football campaign, across Europe and the rest of the world.

FUT 17 TOTS starts from May 12th with the release of the Community TOTS that is made up of 3 squads: Gold, Silver and Bronze, which selected by the FIFA community.

This is just the start. In the coming weeks, you will see the releases of many leagues and an exclusive tournament reward – the 24th TOTS player. You will get reward - a super Bonus SBC after you have completing special SBCs every week, and TOTS Upgrade SBCs with a chance at a guaranteed 84+ TOTW player. Lightning Rounds and a lot more!” EA sports official site announced.

So players will join the market and open packs as many as possible, which will result in a significant player prices downturn.


Here’s everything you need to know in advance.

What is a Market Crash?

A Market Crash is the sudden drop in player prices in the FUT Transfer Market.

In my opinion, FIFA 17 Market Crash is unpredictable unless the big events, such as Black Friday, Christmas, TOTY and TOTS, you can see the player prices sudden downturn on the FUT 17 transfer market over a short period of time. And the player prices will gradually lose value over several days or weeks.


Why does a Market Crash Occur?

Due to the change of the supply or demand for a player or consumable, such as FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges. The demand remains the same, when an item’s supply increases, the price will drop; when an item’s supply decreases, the price will rise. In short, FIFA 17 TOTS release and promotion can cause significant market crash, such as Happy Hours. Everyone is going to Buy, Sell and Open packs like crazy to earn profits.


How will FIFA 17 TOTS affect the market price?

1. There will be large market fluctuations before, during and after TOTS releases. The big releases include the top leagues, a super Bonus SBC and TOTS Upgrade SBCs.

2. If you are going to buy your team players that feature high tier regular players, such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Ibra and etc, we suggest you doing that just hours before the actual TOTS releases. The high tier regular players are incredibly cheap for their stats, and it is difficult to see their prices falling much further.


What’s the best way to prepare?

Build up teams by playing progressive tournaments, take part in SBCs and play in the FUT Champions Weekend League to win rewards.

Buy low price during the weekend of the community TOTS, as this is the great time to hype, and then hold on to the items for a few weeks.

Remember, if you haven’t started selling your players, the best way is to hold off that, as many players will panic and sell at the last minute, causing a mini market crash.

TOTS will last for several weeks and provide a huge window of opportunity. Take your time to monitor the market and choose the perfect opportunity to sell your players.


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