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A Market Crash in FIFA 18 Is About to Happen

A FIFA 18 Market Crash is set to happen this month, which will cause some of the best players’ values to hit rock bottom.

Futbin data revealed the FIFA 18 market index dropped almost 10 points before, and the steepest decrease since the game launched. Although this is only a slight dip, a number of top players have already started losing value. So FIFA 18 players believe a market crash is about to begin, citing a worrying drop in index value.

Actually Market Crashes happened frequently on FIFA 17, and it led to some of the most expensive players dropping in price. Here MmoGah as a professional fut coins seller would like to analyze the reason why a FIFA Market Crash Happens.



When’s it going to happen?

EA usually releases something new on Black Friday every hour for 24 hours.

These range from multiple “Happy hours” to “Lightning rounds” in the FUT store.

Nearly all signs point to the crash happening on Black Friday, and another smaller crash on Cyber Monday (November 28), dubbed ‘the crash after the crash’.

Between now and then, expect small fluctuations in player prices.


How long will the crash last?

FIFA 18 Black Friday will run for three days, but its residual effects will likely be felt for two or three days post crash. Cyber Monday’s crash will be smaller, but it’ll maintain momentum and lower prices.



Why does a FIFA Market Crash Happen?

When supply outweighs demand, Market crash will occur.

A Market Crash occurs when a large number of FIFA communities start flogging top-rated players, flooding the market.

Demand remains the same, but suddenly there are some new players’ influx in market, the supply increases players continuously try to undercut one anoter, resulting in stock value decreasing.

New inform releases and promotions encourage gamers to buy more packs, flooding the market with players, which causing the price to drop across the board.

Of course, EA will try its best to keep the market stable by managing the release of the new informs and offers.


Which players will be affected most by the crash?

Messi, Ronaldo and other tier-one gold players will see their values drop.

Other elite cards (the most value) will suffer the greatest loss, although expect a ripple effect through the entire player roster.

Last year, Messi reportedly dropped to 700k, while Neymar dropped to 280k.


What’s the best way to prepare?

If it is the first time you’ve heard about this crash, don’t worry, there’s still time.

Making more fifa 18 coins by playing progressive tournaments, taking part in SBCs and playing in the FUT Champions Weekend League for win rewards.

Check the player prices constantly.

If they’re 20% percent to 30% percent lower than normal price, this will be a good indicator that the market is at a low and a market crash has occurred.

1. It is the perfect time to pick up some cheap players through auction, so stock up where and when you can.

2. Keep monitor the market prices of players and choose the perfect time to sell. At the same time, this could be the perfect time to pick up cheap players.


When is best to buy?

The best time to buy is early in the day or during the week.

Weekends will see fierce competition for the better cards.


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