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Tips for Dribble Moves in NBA 2K17

In my last article I talked about ISO, today I bring some tips for dribbling. In NBA 2K17, dribbling may be the most tricky part to master for gamers. Dribbling controls are quite complex, with over a dozen different combos to master. This skill is a vital technique of the gameplay that may take you days or even weeks to practice. 




Youtuber “Daryus P” brings the basic tutorial of dribbling. This is one of the best basic tutorial videos, because he adds a hand cam into the video that you can see more details about the controller operations.




In basketball, a crossover dribble in which you fake one way, go the other and leave your defender in the dust, this is called an Ankle Breaker. Many gamers have made different Ankle Breaker combo tutorials. Youtubers “Daryus P” and “ShakeDown2012” bring their tutorials.




However the endgame of dribbling isn’t to activate an ankle breaker animation, it’s to get easy buckets or assists. Putting a defender on skates will almost always be worthwhile, all you really need to do is get some temporary separation and attack it accordingly.


Your player’s attributes and archetype are also additional factors. Playmakers have the highest innate dribbling and passing caps, so you must try and modify your MyPlayer surrounding this.


Of course, there aren’t any real correct or incorrect combos, you need to choose what works for your own play style.


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