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Time for Playoff Performers Collection of NBA 2K17 MyTEAM

There are only a few teams left in the Playoffs. Now it’s time to collect the best Playoff Performers to NBA 2K17'S MyTEAM packs. Since many gamers have placed orders in MmoGah, we share this information with you. This set includes those players who have the best playoff performances or career-defining moments, like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russel, Andre Iguodala and Toni Kukoc etc. The Highly anticipated cards are all available.



The Lakers have reached the Finals many times. Three of the best players, Shaquille O’Neal, a 98 Overall Center with fantastic strength, athleticism and power, while Kobe Bryant’s 95 Overall card is second only to his Pink Diamond reward card, and will definitely be popular to use for his shooting as well as his dunking abilities. Finally, the Magic Johnson for the Point Guard position gets his best card, 98 overall of the season, as a 6-9 point guard, Johnson gets the rare ability from being able to post up and run the fast break. These three best players will put up a great performance.



As for The Lakers’ old rival---the Celtics, Larry Bird and Bill Russell are included for the offensive position and the defensive position.


Andre Iguodala was named MVP in the 2015 Championship run. He earns an Amethyst card with great all-around stats on both ends of the floor, while Toni Kuko from the championship Chicago Bulls, gets a Ruby card for his unsung Playoff performances. Nobody can doubt their contributions to their teams.


As long as you can collect each Playoff Performers player, a great reward and a first for NBA 2K MyTEAM will be unlocked---Pink Diamond Michael Jordan. It’s the first Pink Diamond Reward card 2K’s released. Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time, with his Dream Team card, undoubtedly will do well no matter what type of game you play. This also completes the journey for another Pink Diamond card---if you’ve collected all of the Team USA Rewards for completing sets, you will earn Pink Diamond Charles Barkley! 


Please stay tuned on MmoGah NBA 2K17 page, we’ll share more news about NBA 2K17, we also provide plenty of safe and fast NBA 2K17 coins for you.




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