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They Should Get A Stat Boost for NBA 2K18 Part 3

This is the last part of our stat re-evaluation topic for NBA 2K18.


3. Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors



Kevin Durant was already rated highly at 93 in NBA 2K17, and that's the only thing stopping him from sitting atop this list. When he signed for the Golden State Warriors at the beginning of the season, many assumed that his seemingly inevitable championship win would be tarnished. In fact, Durant played as a key player in the Warriors set-up, especially when his team romped to victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. By his performance in the finals, Durant proved himself an instrumental part of the Warriors rather than riding the coattails of his stacked squad. His points per game average took a small hit, but his field goal percentage increased, so did his rebounding. A dramatic increase of his rating in NBA 2K18 is not quite necessary, but his number should reflect his transformation from incredible talent to true champion.


2. Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder



Russell Westbrook also sat on a 93 rating in 2K17. Thunder fans may have despaired at the departure of Durant, but neutrals quivered with excitement at the destruction Westbrook could unleash upon the league - especially with a greater share of the basketball. However, nobody could have predicted the extent of his dominance, he averaged a triple-double throughout the season, a feat ever equalled by Oscar Robinson in the early '60s. Though the Thunder were eliminated at the first hurdle of the playoffs, Westbrook proved himself above all others in terms of individual excellence. His MVP reward was fully deserved, and his stats should surely increase for NBA 2K18.

1. James Harden - Houston Rockets



James Harden's number was rated at 90 in NBA 2K17. However, it's clear from the 2016/17 season that an improved number is greatly needed.


The shooting guard played a perfect performance for much of the season as a focal point of Houston's dynamic offence - raining in points, dishing assists, and generally pushing his already-lofty reputation to new levels. These make him deserve a stat boost in NBA 2K18. As another superstar Chris Paul joined to the Rocket, James Harden is getting the best out of him for the next season.


That’s all for the 10 players who should get stat increase for NBA 2K18. Please stay tuned to our news page. We will bring you more news about NBA 2K17 and NBA 2K18. MmoGah is a NBA 2K MT store providing you the best quality of products with the most favorable prices. NBA 2K17 MT coins is on hot sale now, and we are also going to bring our NBA 2K18 MT coins as soon as possible once the game is released in September. MmoGah has been proven by gamers as the best place to buy MT, and we have confidence that the high quality and low price of our service will attract you to place substantial orders here.


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