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Kevin Durant - An Ideal Player You Are to Creat in NBA 2K17

Michel Z Date: 2017-06-12 Views: 7120 nba 2k17 mtbuy 2k17 mtmt coinsbuy mt2k17 mtnba 2k17 guide

In the game of NBA 2K17, many players boosted their ratings significantly after impressive seasons last year. Kevin Durant, was also listed as one of the highest rated players. In this postseason, the Slim Reaper, again, has proved himself as a versatile player since he joined Golden State Warriors, and one of the best players in the world as well. Durant has done a pretty good job in man-to-man and help-side defense and maximized his length and athleticism, getting it done in tremendous ways at both ends of the floor—logging the least amount of minutes (33.4 per game), but boasting career—highs in field goal percentage (53.7 percent), rebounds (8.3 per game), blocks (1.6 per game)—all while keeping his turnovers to a career-low 2.2 per game.




Durant’s wingspan has been every bit of the remedy to the Warriors’ lack of size when going small, notching not only five blocks in Draymond Green’s absence, but also three steals. His offensive prowess has gotten deadlier as the series go along, averaging 35.5 points per game this series, compared to his 21-points-per-game clip in the first round. In Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Durant’s teammate, was marveled at his ability on the floor. When Green was asked to compare ‘KD’ with another great player—LeBron James, he said: “‘KD’ was like a created player, if you go in and create this player and he can do everything he wants to do, you’re probably going to create Kevin Durant. He’s special. But both of those guys are special.”


Paul Pierce, also said Durant was a competitive player for the title of the best player in today’s NBA. Without Kevin Durant, there may have been different results on his team. He is the best scorer in the NBA, but he continues to show he can do more than just put the ball in the basket. Do you want to have an ideal player like ‘KD’ and win the Finals in NBA 2K17? Buying NBA 2K17 MT at MmoGah will be the easiest and fastest way to build your DreamTeam and fulfill your dream. MmoGah will keep updating the latest news of NBA 2K17 for you.

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