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How to Shoot Perfect Shots in NBA 2K17

In NBA 2K17, one thing people has noticed is that it is difficult to get  green releases, now we will share a method that allows you to become a better shooter.



Whenever you’re controlling your player on the floor, you will notice a blue circular bar underneath your character. As you move further away from the hoop, you will notice that the blue bar will decrease in length. This is because that blue circle represents your range, when you try to make a shot from a long range, you will find it pretty hard to make a shot and get a 3-point score.


Now let’s try to shoot. You will see a white bar increasing to cover the blue bar, you need to fill up the blue bar with the white bar all the way to the end. However, that’s not easy to do because once the white bar reaches the end of the blue bar, it will quickly fall back. So, you need to time it perfectly such that you hit the release button at the exact moment the white bar hits the end of the bottom blue bar. If you hit the button at the exact moment, you will see the bar turns green, this indicates you made a perfect shot. Remember, you’d better use the right stick for the shot to get consistent shots at the basket.


After you take the shot, you will notice a blue arrow beneath your bottom bar and a little white line pointing to the back. You need to make the blue arrow directly down the white line, so turn your stick left and right for the correct orientation. Pulling the right stick backward or forward will release the ball differently but, regardless, it will go through the hoop as long as your blue line and white line are aligned. If it is perfectly aligned, you will notice your arrow turn green. This is called a double green release boost. Because not only did you release the ball when the white bar filled the blue bar, but also when the blue arrow was directly beneath the white line. 


Here Youtuber “Daryus P” shows you how to shoot.




This requires some practice on your part, but in the end, you will get some more green releases.


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