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10 Predictions for NBA 2K18

Michel Z Date: 2017-07-19 Views: 6120 nba 2k18nba 2k18 predictionsbuy 2k17 mtmt coinsnba 2k17 mt

There are less than two months before the date of NBA 2K18 releases, fans of NBA 2K have listed their suggestions and wishes for the new edition to development team. The stream of pre-release information will increase in the coming weeks. Based on the various hints and information from 2KTV and Ronnie 2K on social media, here are 10 predictions for this year’s game listed by NBA 2K fans:


1. New Soundtrack or Musical Feature

On Monday, on Ronnie 2K’s Instagram story, people found that Portland Trailblazers' point guard Damian Lillard featured along with some sort of fictitious neighborhood record shop. Lillard is regarded as the NBA’s best rapper, it is likely that his music will be featured in the game.


2. More Dribble and Defensive Control

Dribbling and defense are a little too loose in NBA 2K now, so in 2KTV, Mike Wang, one of the chief developers on the 2K team mentioned about improving the dribble and defensive control.


3. More Hairstyles in MyCareer and Player Creation

So many fans have complained about the limited selection of hairstyles, it looks like NBA 2K18 will finally deliver a wider variety of hairstyle, for Ronnie 2K tweeted some images of the Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid's fake barber shop with a few of the most-wanted hairstyles. If 2K wants to provide the best experience, they have to do something on this issue.


4. No More Green Release

Shooting has been a lightning rod for conversation for the past 3 years. Green releases makes ratings less important and encourages gamers to take bad shots because they have somewhat mastered the release point on a player's jump shot. According to Mike Wang’s words on twitter on April 8, it seems that the removal of green-release shots would be on the way.


5. Hybrid Archetypes & More Badges

In NBA 2K17, it doesn’t allow players to be multifaceted specialists, the Three-And-D player doesn't exist, and Two-Way players like Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson will get half of the skill set removed. So Hybrid Archetypes or even offensive and defensive Archetypes should be a logical progression for the upcoming NBA 2K18.


6. More Branching Storylines For MyCareer

This is the most-played mode in 2K Universe, some new branching storylines and evens should be added to MyCareer.


7. G-League in MyLeague and MyGM

This is another feature that is often mentioned, and it seems like to be another logical addition.


8. MyTeam Draft Mode & eSports event

The lack of MyTeam draft mode may be one of the things that kept NBA 2K17 from high score. A draft mode in MyTeam opens the door for a new esports event under the NBA 2K umbrella. A 1v1 option could be the vehicle for NBA 2K, this concept doesn't work without some sort of fantasy draft because gamers will all flock to the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers. A MyTeam setup changes that dynamic and could make it quite entertaining, similar to the way Madden uses Draft Champions for its esports functions.


9. Female MyPlayers

2KTV host Rachel DeMita, who is a former college basketball player, wearing her celebrity uniform, discussed the new wrinkles in MyCareer with Chris Manning. This “innovating” mode may be the boldest one.


10. More Classic Teams and Classic Mode



Manning talked about more classic teams on 2KTV, he talked about Baron Davis and the Warriors during the 2007 NBA Playoffs. Ronnie 2K also posted an image on his Instagram story that showed a sign that read Chicago Bulls April 21, 1996, in Landover, Maryland. That was the day the Bulls that finished 72-10 ended their historic regular season. Is it probably that we will see a new batch of classic teams? Fans can't wait to find out what is in store.


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