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Some Hot Topics of Fifa 15

John Ryan Date: 2015-01-25 Views: 7528 fifa 15futfifa 15 newsmessi fifa 15 coins

Topic 1:

Here is a hot topic recently. In your opinion, who is better? Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015 or Messi in 2012?

Some Hot Topics of Fifa 15

In the game Cristiano Ronaldo is more popular than Messi. Generally speaking, most players like Cristiano Ronaldo more. Because they tend to simple and crude body flow velocity just as Cristiano Ronaldo in match. But Messi is a strategic player who acts in close coordination with other team members. He can find the chance to move and pass the ball smoothly. So I like Messi more and it has nothing to do with the value.

Topic 2:

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team first winter transfer update has arrived. Torres joined in Atletico Madrid and Bony went to Manchester. The transfer will breathe new life into new teams. For example, from the number we can see Bony is more than 93 and there are 4 points of his potential that other stars can’t reach. His hidden attribute was replaced by long-range shot. Long shot is more practical for him as his shoot strength is high.

Some Hot Topics of Fifa 15

Topic 3: Diego Da Silva Costa, Cazorla, Ivan Rakitić were selected into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 19. So with the movement, players who are keen on these stars will assemble their cards. So Fifa 15 coins will be hot along.

Some Hot Topics of Fifa 15

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fifa 15futfifa 15 newsmessi fifa 15 coins

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