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How to Defend in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

John Ryan November 13th, 2015 FIFA   

After introducing some useful skills on last article - How to Beat FIFA 16 with Useful Skills: Section Two, let MmoGah continue to share fifa 16 guides for defending that help you to improve your defensive level.

Defending and Attacking are important parts in FIFA 16, which attract all players. Do you know how to defend the opponents? What are the skills you have to master?


Defend a long pass

It is difficult to defend a long pass successfully, since your opponents always stick out a foot to intercept your ball. If you want to defend a long pass, you shall push your opponents out of their line to gain position, and then receive the pass, which is extremely effective way.

If defenders are out of position while the opponents are passing, you will find a gap in your defense, and then you can manually select a player and put him into the gap, or attacking players can seek out your holes. You can’t keep the gap open, or a striker will rush through it and shoot to his goal.


Defend corners
Defending corners is a good opportunity to build counter-attack, and then you can catch something that the opponents are unaware of, which can help you stop conceding many goals from corners in FIFA 16.

When you’re heading the ball from corners, you can only press the “shoot” button, which will make your player attack the ball aggressively.


Score Goals

At the beginning of the competition, be keeping your goalkeeper on his position, since you don’t know which areas the opponents pass the ball to, which can be extremely helpful. A strong and technical goalkeeper heads the ball well, since the strength is a dominant factor in FIFA 16.

After mastering skills of defensive gap and corners, you can catch the suitable time to take a strike at the goal. If you have technical skills and good position, you will have more chance to score goals.


All in all, I hope these guides are useful for you, and you should put them into practice, which can help you get many goals. If you want to score goals more easily, you can buy coins for fifa 16. If you don’t know how to buy fifa coins, you can learn from our article How to buy FIFA 16 coins at MmoGah.com.

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