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How to Control and Perform Shooting in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang November 23rd, 2016 FIFA   

As all players know, the ultimate aim of any football team is to eventually end up with the ball in the opponents net. Whilst seemingly simple on FIFA 17, how and when to put the ball in the net from any situation is also nerve wracking.

There are many different ways to shoot on the game, we will break down each different type of shot, and show you how to perform shooting, which you will be attempting to score more goals.



The Standard Shot

This is the most commonly used shot type. It is quite simple, and the normal shot which is B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation. Try and avoid performing the standard shot at all costs.


The Finesse Shot

The finesse shot has been widely used by players. It has been unbelievably overpowered in FIFA 17. You should do the finesse when you have a one-on-one with the opposition goalkeeper and you are at an angle.

To perform a finesse shot, you simply press RB/R1 button, and then shoot with B or circle. This type of finishing should be from an angle, because it acts as a curling/swerved type shot.

Generally speaking, the finesse shot should be used inside the box when at an angle, in order to place it around the goalkeeper. It also can be used outside the box (specifically when your player is at an angle of 90 degrees), but this is general advice.

I always advise a player, if possible, shoot at an angle to the net. Facing the goal straight on means you will naturally be placing the ball closer to the goalkeeper. Approach it at an angle, and you will find both finesse shots and driven shots flying past the goalkeeper at a much higher rate.



Fake shot (Press B or O then A or X directly afterwards)

When a defender is approaching, use a fake shot to give him the idea that you will shoot, and take it straight past him. Playing mind games with your opponent like this will give you a definite advantage.


The Lob/Chip Shot

When you see the goalkeeper rushing out his goal, you can press L1 + circle/LB + B to chip it over him. Getting the power down is all about feel, but when your opponent see you are willing to put it over him, who will be less likely to bring his goalkeeper out, giving you more time to go through the above steps.

You need to set up your attacking player, who is at a slight angle. Just slightly left or right of the central area of the penalty box of the opponent, and then you want to aim for the opposite corner.

The shot power that the gauge needs to get to is 2 bars of power, more or less will result in failure, as that is the exact power that you need to accumulate in order to nail the chip.



The Near Post Shot 

Now the near post shot is one of the most observation post in FIFA 17. If you are at an angle and really close to the goal, you will score every time without fail. All you have to do is be in the direction that you’re coming down from the wing to the near post, and then you want to power up your strike to around 2 to 2 and a half bars of power to score. The key to this technique is getting close to the goal when you are possibly aiming for the near post top corner.


The 3 Tap Shot

This is the most overpowered shot so far! To perform the triple tap shot, you just simply tap the shoot button three times in a row. With the striker, you have to aim for the bottom right or bottom left pockets as this shot is a low drive.

When approaching the penalty area, if you have a clear choice, slow down and let go of that sprint button. Giving your player a chance to take an extra touch and shape his body correctly can be the difference between a goal and a save.


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