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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Guide – How to Maximize Chemistry

John Ryan October 31st, 2015 FIFA   

If you intend to build a super team in FIFA 16, you should understand the importance of Team Chemistry. One of the most important aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team is chemistry - how team members get along with one another. Here MmoGah as the professional FIFA products seller who shares FIFA 16 guide to you!

 fifa 16 chemistry


How to maximize your team chemistry in FIFA 16?


1. First and most importantly, you need to coordinate players in their natural positions to maximize chemistry. Moving someone to a different position may limit your team chemistry.

When you view your active squad, you should see players connecting to neighboring players with a colored line – red, yellow or green. A green line means that they get on well and have good chemistry, a yellow line means that they have less chemistry but similar attributes, and a red line means that they have poor chemistry.


2. Team chemistry is built on three fundamental pillars: players come from the same country, league and active club. You should try to build your team around these factors, which means you are going to look for players from the same nationality who play in the same league and club.

If your squad lack chemistry, it will suffer from poor communication and a breakdown of defense. At that time, your competitor will win the game with perfect chemistry.


3. Besides the factors mentioned above, all FIFA players should be aware of the concept of Hybrid Teams. The hybrid teams include players from different countries around the globe. Despite coming from different regions, they also have some common factors which enhance the team chemistry.

 The idea of creating a perfect hybrid team is to divide your entire team into two small teams. Players of each small team who come from different countries should be in neighboring positions to make the chemistry perfect.

In addition to this, you should also select a manager who shares some common traits with players, which maximize your team chemistry.


4. Build teams around Gold players
Team chemistry is so important thing in FUT that you should be aiming to increase the overall quality of your squad for the tougher challenges ahead.


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