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Sell Coil of Bahamut Gear (any Class) (T1 T4) on NA Diabolos in FFXIV

John Ryan January 09th, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   


Mmogah.com professional FFXIV Powerlevelling team plays your account or carries you (any class) to gain Coil of Bahamut Gear (T1-T4) on NA-Diabolos.

2.       Clear T1-T4 for two customers within a week. We play two customers'accounts or carry both of you to clear T1-T4 to gain all 6 equipments for both of you, 3 pieces one person. It is $160 each person, if we play your account. It is $170 each, if you play your account.

3.       Separately clear T1, T2 and T4 for you within a week. Separate clearing means that you can just buy T1, T2 or T4. We play your account or our team carries you to clear T1, T2 or T4 to gain 2 equipments each turn. Separate prices are $90(T1), $110(T2) and $130(T4) if we play your account, and separate prices are $100(T1), $120(T2) and $140(T4) if you play your account. But for this kind of service, you probably need to wait for us longer to organize the powerlevelling in a few days.

If you have any questions, read the following Q & A to find the answers.

Q:  Do you have class requirement?
A:  No, any class is available.

Q:  Do you have gear requirement?
A:  Yes, we have. 
Relic weapon and Darklight gear are needed.

Q:  Give me all 6 equipments even if I don't have the class or I alreay have the equipment?
A:  Yea, price is the same, but if you don't want, you can leave them to us :).  So the service especially suits the players with multiple classes.

Q:  What if I gain none of gear for my classes after clearing T1, T2 and T4 ?
A:  It's very regretful. In this case, price is the same but we will give you 200K
FFXIV GIL(T1), 300K(T2) and 500K(T4) for free.

Q:  Do I need to play if I login my account?
A:  Yea, you are very important too in this team.

Q:  What if I don't know How to play?
A:  We will teach you in game.

Q:  How long will it take to clear?
A:  1-7 days range. Can't make sure the exact time, but we will keep in touch with you.

Q:  Why price is so expensive?
A:  We have 6-8 professional players helping you at the same time. And we can only sell once for a week.

Q:  Why I play my account, price is instead high?
A:  Because you are unfamiliar with running CoB, it will take longer than we do.

Q:   Will you clear all CoB from 1-5?
A:  No, wont clear Cob 5 for the moment.

Q:  Do you only play on NA-Diabolos? 
A:  We can play on other realms as well, but we have our own accounts on this realm, so we can make sure to give you all equipment loots.

Q:  Can I buy this service if my account is on other realms?
A:  Yes, you can. Please read details here:
How to Get Coil of Bahamut Gear Easily in FFXIVand buy it here: FFXIV Coil of Bahamut Armor Power Leveling

Buy Coil of Bahamut Gear (any Class) (T1-T4) on NA-Diabolos

As you know, Coil of Bahamut is the end-game currently in FFXIV ARR. For most of FFXIV adventurers it is the most extremely fun to run through CoB and get gear there by yourself. If you don't need this service, we would offer you the other services FFXIV GIL  and FFXIV Powerlevelling which are boring job for you.

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