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MmoGah Provides Mailbox Delivery Method for Your ArcheAge Gold Now

Customer Feedback:                                                                 

“Can you mail to me? I really dont want to trade face to face”
“Mail is convenient, not of a problem”
“I’m in Dungeons now, can you mail to my account?”

We provided 3 different delivery methods before except Mailbox method, insisting on face to face trade at Mirage Isle, in this way, we can protect your archeage gold from being removed by Trion as illicit gold, we all know that even though Mail method in game is faster and more convenient, but we really cant guarantee your archeage gold is secure enough, because it’s likely to be removed by Trion.

Such a convenient method, why didn’t MmoGah use it?            

As an ArcheAge Gold seller, using Mailbox in-game for our archeage gold delivery is more convenient and efficient, we no longer have to register many archeage accounts for all NA/EU servers only to guarantee face to face trade, and we can largely shorten our deliver time, but why didn’t we use it? I think you can understand that what we do is to improve our services and be responsible to all of you there.

Mail method is available at MmoGah now                                 

We have already added Mail method as the 4th method for you to choose from when you buy archeage gold here, you can feel free to choose any of the 4 methods: face to face trade at Mirage Isle, Mailbox in game to deliver you, we deposit your archeage gold to your Guild Bank, we buy items off the Auction House for you. We are willing to improve our services to make you satisfied, if you are not worried about your gold being removed and like to receive your archeage gold through Mailbox, we are pleased to do it for you, but we beg for your understanding that we can’t guarantee your gold security by this method, we suggest face to face trade at Mirage Isle, it’s safer, more reliable. Sometimes the VPNs that we have to use for logining in NA/EU ArcheAge servers are unavailable suddenly when we want to deliver you,we certainly will strive to avoid it,  however, we sincerely hope you can spare 10 more minutes for our delivery when these cases happen, your waiting will bring you safety and friendly services.

We stock enough ArcheAge gold for many NA/EU servers, commonly complete your order within minutes, fast delivery, we never cheat, never scam, our excellent 9.8 score on Trustpilot.com has already certified that MmoGah.com is a trustworthy ArcheAge Gold seller!

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