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How to Avoid Getting Banned When Trading ArcheAge Gold via Auction House

It’s no secret that trading archeage gold via Auction House is the most secure transaction method in the market. Even though risks are unavoidable for trading but AH trade method is definitely the one that is the most difficult to trace by Trion Worlds. We all know that Trion keeps a supervision on illicit gold & activities, so if you choose to buy archeage gold from gold selling site, know how to avoid getting gold removed and getting account banned are both important. 

How to Avoid Getting Banned When Trading ArcheAge Gold via Auction House

According to our experience in the market as a trustworthy archeage gold seller, we have the following tips for gamers when trading via AH:

  • Each in-game transaction you put up on Auction House is not more than 2000G

Generally, the items you hang out on AH in exchange for gold are useless and without much value, so if the selling price for one item is more than 2000G, it might be more suspicious. As well, larger transactions could catch more attention than the smaller ones. So keep it not more than 2000G/transaction.

  • Hang out different items on the AH in exchange for your gold

Try to avoid putting up the same items when you exchange for gold on the auction house because it’s too obvious, it is more likely to tell Trion that you are “buying gold”. So why not hang out different items if you have them.

For example, if you have placed an order of 6000G at Mmogah, including 5% bonus, you should receive 6300G, because we cover the 10% AH Fee so you should set the overall price 7000G. As the tips above, you’d better hang out 4 different items on the AH to make sure each price is less than 2000G. For example, Potato Eys 1850G, Banana 1650G, Faint Gale Lunadrop 1800G and Body Thief’s Guirass 1700G, so the total price is 7000G and each is different from others. It will be difficult for Trion to trace them all.

If you are in need of archeage gold, buying some is the most direct and convenient method, so choosing appropriate trade ways is very important. Following our tips in the above to avoid getting banned will be the best choice when you buy archeage gold via AH. On the other hand, if you choose Mmogah, we will spare no efforts to complete your order fast.

Please keep contacting with us via Live Chat or Skype when you are playing the game and we will offer the highest price in the market to collect your gold from suppliers. Then you put items on AH, we let supplier buy them. Then we’ve done smoothly. Good Luck!



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