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An Honest Reply to A Stormy Archeage Gold Constant Customer

John Ryan November 27th, 2014 archeage gold mmogah mmogah service

------ Our honest reply to a archeage gold constant customer who left a honest review on Trustpilot for Mmoghah.com

A Honest Reply to a Stormy Archeage Gold Constant Customer

Hello, A...

This is the owner of Mmogah. After any of our customer service representatives saw your reviews, was hurt deeply plus me, especially that guy served you last time, because he thinks that was his fault. We did think our customer services were great, better than almost all sites in this virtual service industry. We were always committed to offer the best service to our customer. I can realize too well our reps’ hardworking because they have to face every kind of customer and every different situation about trade of games. They are always trying their best to serve every customer. Here, I thank them for their diligentness.

Honestly, thank you very much for your review, otherwise we can not find our shortcoming and defect of our customer service, just wanted to publicize our good service to every one at the same time offer a coupon code to the kind customers who leave a good review, however did not consider the constant customers’ feeling. Yesterday after you left the review, we have held a meeting to discuss the situation you care a lot, we changed our rule about these.

  •  After a customer leave a review without logging in facebook, we offer a 5% coupon which is available in 15 days before. Now 15 days is adjusted to 30 days.

  • Our reps wont tell customer to offer a coupon for his/her review, will just send him/her a coupon as a thank after he/she leaves a good review. If you are happy with our service, please leave a good review for us. Your good review will bring happiness to our customer service representative.  

  •  We added member level from 3 to 5. If you are a constant or loyal customer, please register as a member, read the details here Why Sign up on Mmogah. You can not only get different basic discount as a member, also you can get more discount with a coupon code. For example, it you are a level 3 member, you can get 3% discount directly when you place your order, if you use a 5% coupon code, totally you will pay 3%+5%=8% less. By the way, we have dateless 3% MMOGAH coupon codes: mmogah3, youtube.

I agree with you about our part of shortcoming and defect of our reps, but I can not agree with you about refund. I must clarify it.

Quote If something goes wrong with your order, if they do not have sufficient stock, or you find a cheaper price and want to go somewhere else, they will not refund your money, even if they have not given you the product yet.”

We do refund, we refunded a lot. You can see the 3 conditions on this review https://www.trustpilot.com/review/mmogah.com/541976480000640002a64931, also you can also see we refunded on this article An Hoest Response to Our Archeage Gold Buyer on Ownedcore, plus on this review https://www.trustpilot.com/review/mmogah.com/540d2b1d0000640002a416f0 . But for the 3 situations you mentioned, I don’t see the fact and reasonableness.

  • “If something goes wrong with your order”. We do handle this kind of orders as well as possible, can not see any order we have not tried our best. You can see some reviews here we relied to customers, some of them changed their review from 1 stars to 5 stars, some changed 3 stars to 5 stars. We really care about our customer.

  • “if they do not have sufficient stock”. If a customer contacts us before he/she places an order, we don’t have enough stock, we tell them first, let him/her decide to buy or not. If a customer place an order without chatting with us but we don’t have stock, we send email or SMS them. If they don’t want to wait after we explain, we refund.

  • “or you find a cheaper price and want to go somewhere else”. For this kind of unreasonable requirement, we definitely can not agree. Not only us, I think, all sellers, not only in this industry, but also other industries. Our prices can not always be the cheapest among the hundreds of good and bad gold selling sites.

That day, before you placed your order, you asked our stock, we told you we had 2000, and asked you if we can just trade with you the 2000g first, the bonus 100g later, you agreed, then you placed your order. So if want to buy gold with a cheapest price, please check around first before decide to buy, rather than ask a refund after place an order because of cheaper price on other site. Different site has different price, also has different service.

Although you gave us an honest review, in your heart you totally denied us. I can see you are very angry at us. I hope after you see the email you can feel better. I have already improved our service, and hopefully you can experience our new service in the future.

We still owe you the bonus 100Gold, seems like you don’t want it any more because being angry at us. Please accept it.

Just now tried to find your email, I know who you are. Alex, we have chatted on Aim. And I have mailed to you to explain the troubles you encountered before, the details is here: An Explanation to An Archeage Gold Buyer about Trouble with Mmogah. Alex, if you had so many troubles with us, you should definitely have more troubles with most of other sites. Please think about the whole thing since first time you bought from us.

We are honest!


All the best

Yours Sincerely
Meihong Zhang


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