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Anathema TBC-Alliance-USAnathema TBC-Horde-USArcanite Reaper TBC-Alliance-USArcanite Reaper TBC-Horde-USArugal TBC-Alliance-OceArugal TBC-Horde-OceAshkandi TBC-Alliance-USAshkandi TBC-Horde-USAtiesh TBC-Alliance-USAtiesh TBC-Horde-USAzuresong TBC-Alliance-USAzuresong TBC-Horde-USBenediction TBC-Alliance-USBenediction TBC-Horde-USBigglesworth TBC-Alliance-USBigglesworth TBC-Horde-USBlaumeux TBC-Alliance-USBlaumeux TBC-Horde-USBloodsail Buccaneers TBC-Alliance-USBloodsail Buccaneers TBC-Horde-USDeviate Delight TBC-Alliance-USDeviate Delight TBC-Horde-USEarthfury TBC-Alliance-USEarthfury TBC-Horde-USFaerlina TBC-Alliance-USFaerlina TBC-Horde-USFairbanks TBC-Alliance-USFairbanks TBC-Horde-USFelstriker TBC-Alliance-OceFelstriker TBC-Horde-OceGrobbulus TBC-Alliance-USGrobbulus TBC-Horde-USHeartseeker TBC-Alliance-USHeartseeker TBC-Horde-USHerod TBC-Alliance-USHerod TBC-Horde-USIncendius TBC-Alliance-USIncendius TBC-Horde-USKirtonos TBC-Alliance-USKirtonos TBC-Horde-USKromcrush TBC-Alliance-USKromcrush TBC-Horde-USKurinnaxx TBC-Alliance-USKurinnaxx TBC-Horde-USLoatheb TBC-Alliance-USLoatheb TBC-Horde-USMankrik TBC-Alliance-USMankrik TBC-Horde-USMyzrael TBC-Alliance-USMyzrael TBC-Horde-USNetherwind TBC-Alliance-USNetherwind TBC-Horde-USOld Blanchy TBC-Alliance-USOld Blanchy TBC-Horde-USPagle TBC-Alliance-USPagle TBC-Horde-USRattlegore TBC-Alliance-USRattlegore TBC-Horde-USRemulos TBC-Alliance-OceRemulos TBC-Horde-OceSkeram TBC-Alliance-USSkeram TBC-Horde-USSmolderweb TBC-Alliance-USSmolderweb TBC-Horde-USStalagg TBC-Alliance-USStalagg TBC-Horde-USSulfuras TBC-Alliance-USSulfuras TBC-Horde-USSul'thraze TBC-Alliance-USSul'thraze TBC-Horde-USThalnos TBC-Alliance-USThalnos TBC-Horde-USThunderfury TBC-Alliance-USThunderfury TBC-Horde-USWestfall TBC-Alliance-USWestfall TBC-Horde-USWhitemane TBC-Alliance-USWhitemane TBC-Horde-USWindseeker TBC-Alliance-USWindseeker TBC-Horde-USYojamba TBC-Alliance-OceYojamba TBC-Horde-Oce
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Amnennar TBC-Alliance-EUAmnennar TBC-Horde-EUAshbringer TBC-Alliance-EUAshbringer TBC-Horde-EUAuberdine TBC-Alliance-EUAuberdine TBC-Horde-EUBloodfang TBC-Alliance-EUBloodfang TBC-Horde-EUCelebras TBC-Alliance-EUCelebras TBC-Horde-EUChromie(Хроми) TBC-Alliance-EUChromie(Хроми) TBC-Horde-EUDragon's Call TBC-Alliance-EUDragon's Call TBC-Horde-EUDragonfang TBC-Alliance-EUDragonfang TBC-Horde-EUDreadmist TBC-Alliance-EUDreadmist TBC-Horde-EUEarthshaker TBC-Alliance-EUEarthshaker TBC-Horde-EUEverlook TBC-Alliance-EUEverlook TBC-Horde-EUFinkle TBC-Alliance-EUFinkle TBC-Horde-EUFiremaw TBC-Alliance-EUFiremaw TBC-Horde-EUFlamegor(Пламегор) TBC-Alliance-EUFlamegor(Пламегор) TBC-Horde-EUFlamelash TBC-Alliance-EUFlamelash TBC-Horde-EUGandling TBC-Alliance-EUGandling TBC-Horde-EUGehennas TBC-Alliance-EUGehennas TBC-Horde-EUGolemagg TBC-Alliance-EUGolemagg TBC-Horde-EUHarbinger of Doom TBC-Alliance-EUHarbinger of Doom TBC-Horde-EUHeartstriker TBC-Alliance-EUHeartstriker TBC-Horde-EUHydraxian Waterlords TBC-Alliance-EUHydraxian Waterlords TBC-Horde-EUJudgement TBC-Alliance-EUJudgement TBC-Horde-EULakeshire TBC-Alliance-EULakeshire TBC-Horde-EULucifron TBC-Alliance-EULucifron TBC-Horde-EUMandokir TBC-Alliance-EUMandokir TBC-Horde-EUMirage Raceway TBC-Alliance-EUMirage Raceway TBC-Horde-EUMograine TBC-Alliance-EUMograine TBC-Horde-EUNethergarde Keep TBC-Alliance-EUNethergarde Keep TBC-Horde-EUNoggenfogger TBC-Alliance-EUNoggenfogger TBC-Horde-EUPatchwerk TBC-Alliance-EUPatchwerk TBC-Horde-EUPyrewood Village TBC-Alliance-EUPyrewood Village TBC-Horde-EURazorfen TBC-Alliance-EURazorfen TBC-Horde-EURazorgore TBC-Alliance-EURazorgore TBC-Horde-EURhok'delar(Рок-Делар) TBC-Alliance-EURhok'delar(Рок-Делар) TBC-Horde-EUShazzrah TBC-Alliance-EUShazzrah TBC-Horde-EUSkullflame TBC-Alliance-EUSkullflame TBC-Horde-EUStonespine TBC-Alliance-EUStonespine TBC-Horde-EUSulfuron TBC-Alliance-EUSulfuron TBC-Horde-EUTen Storms TBC-Alliance-EUTen Storms TBC-Horde-EUTranscendence TBC-Alliance-EUTranscendence TBC-Horde-EUVenoxis TBC-Alliance-EUVenoxis TBC-Horde-EUWyrmthalak(3мейталак) TBC-Alliance-EUWyrmthalak(3мейталак) TBC-Horde-EUZandalar Tribe TBC-Alliance-EUZandalar Tribe TBC-Horde-EU

Buying Wrath of the Lich King Classic Gold Delivery Methods


We will mail WotLK Classic gold to your character's Mailbox. After we mail the gold to you, we will inform you. There is a slight delay in delivery (about 1 hour), so you can check your Mailbox an hour later in a city or town to get your WotLK gold.

Note: Please don't click the "Return" button on the Mail of the received gold since that may delay your delivery.

Auction House

Please put up one or several items for sale on the Auction House. Then we will purchase your item(s) for the total amount listed. For example, if you are buying 200G from us, list item (s) for 211G as we will bear the 5% AH fee.

1. Your items listed should be at least a Green item or better for a safe transaction.
2. Please set your item(s) for 48-hour expiration so that we can safely buy it/them. After buying your item(s) at the Auction House, we will inform you, and then you will receive your WoW WotLK Classic gold (by Mailbox) after an hour.

Face to Face

We will whisper you in the game to meet at a place (usually in Azeroth) to trade an itemfor WotLK gold, so be sure to have an item ready, which should be at least green for security. Please keep your character online after placing your order.

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About WotLK Classic

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic is called WotLK Classic for short, and it launches in late 2022. It is a re-released version of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King (abbreviated as WotLK) launched in 2008, the second expansion set for the MMORPG World of Warcraft. As with World of Warcraft Classic (launched in 2019) and Burning Crusade Classic (launched in 2021), WotLK Classic's launch also allows WoW fans to enjoy the challenging and exciting game again.

Just like WotLK shook up WoW during its original release, WotLK Classic will prove to be the most popular Classic expansion again. There are a host of improved features and content:

New Class - Death Knight

As the first hero class in WoW, Death Knight is available on both factions and starts at level 55 in WotLK Classic.

New Profession - Inscription

This new profession allows players to create glyphs, scrolls, Darkmoon cards, vellum, and various off-hand tomes, which enhance specific abilities or attributes for a character.

No Dungeon Finder

One of the most important features is the absence of a Dungeon Finder system, so the original Dungeon Finder will not be available in this new expansion.

Level 70 Boost

Blizzard will introduce a Level 70 Boost service, and the level cap will be increased to 80. The boost will be available one per account and can be used on any class except Death Knight.

About WotLK Classic Gold

WotLK Classic Gold

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Gold, abbreviated as WotLK Classic Gold, is the virtual currency in the game.

What Does WoW WotLK Classic Gold Do

It is used for various in-game purchases. For example, in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, you will have a new type of flying called Cold Weather Flying. It enables players to use their flying mounts in Northrend, which costs 1000 gold per character. Dual Talent Specialization also costs 1000 gold, which allows you to have two different talent sets.

How to Get WotLK Classic Gold

Choose the Right Professions. WotLK Classic's new profession – Inscription, is most commonly paired with Herbalism. Skinning is also great as you can obtain a rare item from it called Arctic Fur, which will be in demand throughout the WotLK Classic.
Complete the Quests. There are many quests for you to complete in Classic WotLK. Kill the mobs, pick up the loot, and collect the rewards.
Trade in the Auction House. Buy cheap stuff in the AH and sell it at a high price.
Buy WotLK Classic Gold. The ways above need you to take much time and energy, so the easiest way is to buy Wrath of the Lich King Classic gold directly from a trusted third party like MMOGAH. We have more than 15 years of experience in the game industry and have gotten lots of positive reviews from our customers, which proves MmoGah a good place to buy fast and cheap WotLK Classic gold.

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