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Acheter le Guide d'Or Sunwell chez MmoGah


Give us an item while trading, please. We will whisper you in the game and meet at a place to make a trade. This method is the fastest way to get your gold, but you should be online when we deliver the gold to you. Once the trade is complete, we will not try to interact with you further.

Please DO NOT use Account with LV1 Character (Low-level Account) to buy sunwell gold because you can largely avoid getting banned in this way.

Nom du serveur Price Lv.1 Discount Lv.2 Discount Achat
Voltarus-Alliance $4.39 / 1000Gold 2% Off 5% Off Achat
Voltarus-Horde $4.39 / 1000Gold 2% Off 5% Off Achat
Frosthold-Alliance $1.99 / 1000Gold 2% Off 5% Off Achat
Frosthold-Horde $1.99 / 1000Gold 2% Off 5% Off Achat

About Sunwell

Sunwell is a private World of Warcraft project that operates on the Wrath of the Lich King expansion set.

Frosthold realm was a progressive WotLK realm private server, which was released on Nov 16, 2019. Sunwell was running a progressive Frosthold realm with an x3 experience rate for 1-68 and x2 for 68-80 levels. Every completed dungeon or battleground at a 68-80 level range will award 25% more experience.

Voltarus realm was released on Feb 27, 2021, and the fourth progressive Wrath of the Lich King realm.
● Experience Rates: Default 1 to 67 (x4) → level 68 to 80 (x3)
● Experience Boost (optional): 1 to 67 (x8) → 68 to 80 (x6)
● Professions Rates: 2x for 1 - 375 skills
● Weapon Skill-up Rates: 3x

Customer reviews


No doubt, we will try our best to finish your order within minutes, but sometimes we don’t have enough gold for your realm, it might take longer time.

No, you don't have to. You can buy sunwell gold either as a member or a guest, but we recommend that you sign up to get a member discount on your purchase.

You can use member discount (1%-3%), large order discount (2% or 5%), and top coupons (3-10%) at one order.

In most cases, we will try our best to complete your orders fast. But if occasionally, we don't have enough supply of gold, we will refund you as soon as possible.

About Sunwell Gold

Sunwell Gold

Sunwell Gold is the currency of the game, which is used to buy all the items you want.Sunwell Frosthold gold farming is about loot and gold. Some of the best items in the game drop from the trash mobs near the entrance to the Sunwell Plateau. While the Sunwell Plateau is currently the most advanced instance within the game, designed for raiders decked out in T6, the trash near the entrance to this instance is farmable by almost any decently equipped and halfway-organized pick-up group. Drops are typically auctioned off, and at the end of the raid, the proceeds are divided among the participants. Everyone walks away with something: an epic item, some sunmotes or a nice bit of jingle in the pocket. All this for two hours of time devoted to the farming process.
Tips to farm sunwell gold
Kill the mobs nearest the entrance
Kill one of the four packs of NPC's, do not kill the sunblade scout which patrols around them.
Drop combat.

About MmoGah and Why Buy from Us?

Sunwell WoW News

  • mmogah-has-added-sunwell-power-leveling-service

    MmoGah Has Added Sunwell Power Leveling Service

    Good News! MmoGah has added the services of selling Sunwell Power Leveling. Sunwell Nightbane will be released on Nov 30, so many players are eager to play in this new realm. As you know, leveling up the character is a hard work, which can take days or weeks to achieve your goal. At the same time, it is very difficult to complete dungeons, quests and weapons.
  • sunwell-nightbane-2-4-3-will-be-released-on-nov-30

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 Will Be Released on Nov 30

    Sunwell Nightbane! The new progressive 2.4.3 TBC Realm will be released on Nov 30. Nightbane is the brand new TBC - The Burning Crusade fresh realm released by It will be released on Nov 30. The server is pretty hyped because of the expected high quality. Make sure you don’t miss this great TBC adventure!
  • sunwell-call-of-the-crusade-season-will-be-released-on-sep-29

    Sunwell - Call of the Crusade Season Will Be Released on Sep 29

    Sunwell Patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade Season on Angrathar will be released on Sep 29! Most of 3.2 patch changes are already live due to the fact that our realm is technically on 3.3.5a patch, so all the changes regarding spells, talents, battlegrounds, arenas are already active. The Argent Vanguard will test your skills, perseverance and courage. Many changes will be implemented in the gameplay, and you can learn the details from the official forum.
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