How to Get Compensation for the Removed Gold?

MmoGah Support
2017-02-23 10:51

The compensation is only available to Auction House delivery. If your wow gold is removed within 24 hours after you have received it, then we will bear up to 50% loss of your removed gold (not more than 50 dollars). If the prices change after you have placed order, then set your purchasing prices as basis. Please follow this Removed WoW Gold Compensation Statement for a smooth compensation.

You should send us Full-Screen-Shot of removed gold as a proof for compensation verification, which should be original and not edited by any software.

1. Capture it under Full Screen.

2. It must include 3 parts: in-game mailbox message for removed gold notice with your Character Name on. Blizzard Battle account email for removed gold with the Time you received the email.Mmogah Chat Window on left-bottom side for further verification that it is you.

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