How Can I Know If My Account Can Use Comfort Trade or Not in FIFA 17?

MmoGah Support
2017-04-01 04:15

If you have ever logged in your origin account on the browser you are using now, please change another browser or clean the cache of your browser.

Firstly, you need to use your origin account and password to log in

If you can't log in your origin account here, you can click “Forgot Your Password” to find your correct account or password.

Then you click log in, you will come to the verification step

You need to fill in your backup code here If you don't know how to check your backup codes,no problem! You can check here .

Click “Not Now”.

If it says you are still in the game, you can relog in your platform and click log out (please don't turn off your platform directly or end the game on your platform). Then you come back to this, you will not see the notice that you are still in game. 

Then you can fill your security answer here, if you can't remember your security answer, you can click “Forgot Answer” to reset your question or answer. Or you can try multilple times until the account gets locked, then you can log back to your platform, you will see the notication of reset your security question and answer. If you can remember your security answer, you click continue, you will come to

Click TRANSFERS-TRANSFER MARKET If it is like this, congratulations to you! MmoGah can deliver the coins via comfort trade!


If it is like this

Sorry, we can't deliver the coins via comfort trade atm, you need to play your game for 3-4 days. After you have  confirmed that your transfer market is unlocked, please contact us then.


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