I Can Show MmoGah.com Enough Proofs that My Coins Get Removed Within 3 Hours after the Delivery, Why Can't MmoGah.com Compensate for My Order?

MmoGah Support
2017-04-08 07:37

1. We will only compensate for the honest customers. If we find the customer lies to us, we will not compensate for any of his orders and he will never be welcomed by MmoGah.com!
2. The max compensation time is two. If one customer asks for the third compensation, we will not compensate with his order(s) and will not do business with him anymore. Every person should keep it in mind if his coins get removed. We also work well on the notication of using the coins asap after we have completed the order(s) now. We will send you an email to your contact email and an SMS to your contact phone number to tell you to use the coins asap, that's why we ask for your email and phone number.
3. Please keep it in mind, just purchase the amount of coins you can use atm, don't purchase much more than that. And please make sure you can use the coins quickly after we have delivered the coins to you. If you have somethng to do by accident, please tell us to stop the delivering. And please contact us again to deliver the coins to you when you can use the coins quickly.

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