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New World: Solo Level 66 Boss Farm

AnnaJanuary 07th, 2022

In this guide, MmoGah would like to show you how to solo farm a level 66 named boss. He's situated in the Imperial Palace and called Prince Goroto! This is a great way to increase your gear score, gypsum or expertise since this boss can drop up to 600 gear score equipment.

New World Crafting – 1-200 Furnishing Leveling Guide

PennyJanuary 03rd, 2022

Furnishing in New World can be a very rewarding and fun profession.From combat to gathering, everyone will be seeking a max level furnishing to craft items. So this time, we will share with you 5 Head Survival Gaming’s video regarding how to get your furnishing crafting up to level 200. Let’s dive into it.

New World Crafting - Engineering Leveling Guide

AnnaDecember 31st, 2021

Here MmoGah would like to share with you what we consider the best way to level Engineering from level 0 to 200. Let's get into it directly.

New World Patch 1.2 Winter Convergence Festival Shop Guide

AnnaDecember 24th, 2021

New World Patch 1.2 Winter Convergence Festival has begun, which brings the beautiful world in the snow and various mysterious gifts. The premium winter tokens get the best rewards. And there are a lot of things to do and especially a lot of goodies to obtain. Today, MmoGah would like to break down those goodies and give you two categories: Nice to Have Category, and Perfectionist Category. We will also show you what is needed to get the winter tokens, and how to get winter tokens, etc.

Good Solo Gear Score Farming Locations in New World

AnnaDecember 17th, 2021

Today, MmoGah would like to give you some good watermarks or gear score farming locations. These locations will help you to get a great start and end in the game, and get some really solid gear score upgrades.

Some New World Items You Can Sell For Quick Coins

AnnaDecember 10th, 2021

If you want to know how to make gold in New World, you can try to sell items in the game that I will mention next. These are the items we have been selling to make quick gold in New World. So let's go into the trading post directly.

Secrets of Rapier and Musket in New World

AnnaDecember 03rd, 2021

Today, MmoGah would like to share some of the tricks we use on rapier and musket, but this isn't meant to be a one-stop guide, just some tips and tricks that you may not know about. let's get into it directly.

Easy Legendary Items to Farm in New World

AnnaNovember 26th, 2021

Are you not quite level 60 yet but want to spend some time farming legendary items in New World? Then you are in the right place. In this article, MmoGah will show you some items that are easily farmed before you hit level 60 in the game, and some of them will still be good once you do hit max level.

How to Increase Your Gear Score in New World – From 500 - 600

PennyNovember 18th, 2021

Welcome to this week’s New World Gear Score guide. Today, Demone Kim will give us a custom road map to get our gear score higher, for 500–600 especially.

New World Cooking Guide

AnnaNovember 04th, 2021

Cooking in New World is insanely good! Today MmoGah brings you everything you need to know about cooking in the game. Once you learn how to use it properly, it can be very advantageous for you.

Best Spots to Buy New World House – Easy Travel for Endgame

PennyOctober 28th, 2021

Welcome to the New World house guide! Today, we are going to talk about three of the best spots to put your houses in strategically and where to put your Inn cooldown in the late game.

Amazon Enabled New World Server Transfer

AnnaOctober 22nd, 2021

As adventurers of New World, we have always been expecting Amazon to launch the function of New World Server Transfer as soon as possible, which can solve the current problem such as too long queues for games, players numbers on the servers being unbalanced and so on. Players also hope that through the server transfer function, they can jump into other worlds and can be in the same district with their friends.

Best New World Weapon Combos for New World PvP

PennyOctober 19th, 2021

Today, we will go through five of the strongest combinations of New World weapons when it comes to build.

New World Coins Making with Adderstone

AnnaOctober 14th, 2021

Today, MmoGah would like to share how to make more New World Coins in New World by setting up an adderstone sliver farm and selling it to make absolute bank.

Guide to Getting New World Coins

AnnaOctober 08th, 2021

Today we're going to be teaching you all about making coins in New World. We will be sharing with you a lot of our secrets of what we've used to make as many New World Coins as we possibly can, so make sure you pay attention. We don't want you to miss anything here.

Some Important Settings You Must Know When Playing New World

AnnaOctober 01st, 2021

In this article, MmoGah will be showing you some of the most important settings you must enable when playing New World, which range from Key Bindings, Ability Cooldowns, Weapon Skill Visibility, Bandwith Mode, Anti Griefing Settings, Sound Settings, and Voice Chat Modes! These are great settings for solo players and popular streamers that will allow you to control what notifications and accessibility you have in the game.

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